Register your young chef for one of these cooking classes at the Y! 

Whip up something fun and delicious in Cooking Classes 

Cooking classes at Countryside YMCA have been a long-standing tradition. For over twenty years the Y has offered a children's cooking class. Hundreds of children have come in, ready to have fun and learn the life skill of cooking.

The Y has an instructional kitchen complete with stoves, ovens, microwaves, cooking utensils and even a dishwasher. This specialized room means the Y can offer a variety of hands-on cooking classes for younger and older children, even tweens. It's always exciting to see what the different ages will come up with in the kitchen.

Our cooking programs are designed to introduce even the youngest chefs into the kitchen. They learn kitchen safety, measuring and math skills, how to prepare food using simple kitchen tools and how to make nutricious food fun and tasty. Using age appropriate terms and techniques, our instructors guide their students through different recipes each week.

Cooking classes are shown to help children try new foods and to start them on the right path to preparing their own meals, especially in this day and age of quick service and fast food. When children help prepare meals, and are invested, they are more likely to eat new foods and try food that they may otherwise not.

Even the physical act of making and preparing food has its advantages. The acts of stirring, measuring, pouring, squeezing and mixing help children's fine motor skills and their hand-eye coordination.