Swim lessons at Countryside YMCA help children and adults learn basic water skills, improve swimming skills, practice water safety and learn water rescue skills. Of course, we have fun in the process. Swim lessons are progressive and class sizes are small so children and adults get the personalized swim instruction they need to build vital skills and prepare for the next program level.  

This swim class focuses on water movement and is for the school-age swimmer who has advanced out of Stage 1 school-age swim lessons or has completed a swim evaluation. This class encourages forward movement in the water and basic water self-rescue skills. Swimmers increase their endurance and distance and learn the skill of treading water. To advance, children must master the following swim skill benchmarks: jump into water over their head, push off from the bottom, turn, and grab the side of the pool (jump-push-turn-grab); front and back float for 20 seconds; swim-float-swim 5 yards; front and back glides for 10 feet; and tread water for 10 seconds.