Swim lessons at Countryside YMCA help children and adults learn basic water skills, improve swimming skills, practice water safety and learn water rescue skills. Of course, we have fun in the process. Swim lessons are progressive and class sizes are small so children and adults get the personalized swim instruction they need to build vital skills and prepare for the next program level.

Why School Age Swim Lessons are Important at Any Age

Swimming is one of the most important skills for school-age children to learn with professional lessons. When you decide to enroll your child in swim lessons, you’re making a conscious decision to:

  • Increase personal safety. If your child falls into the water or a friend pushes them into the water at a party and they don’t know how to swim, the result could be dangerous. Swim lessons increase your child’s safety, teaching them to survive in the water and have more confidence whenever they are around water.

  • Improve the safety of others. Knowing how to swim can save a life. Over 3,400 people in the US drown per year, and swim lessons are a lifesaving skill.  

  • Enjoyment. Enrolling your children in swim lessons allows you to take your family to pool parties, the ocean, lakes – any body of water and feel better about their safety. Swimming lessons can open the door to new opportunities to have fun that weren’t possible before your children learned how to swim.

Swimming lessons are an investment in your children and their safety around water. The first step is to sign them up for a class to learn how to swim and then continue to hone these skills over time.

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