Swim lessons at Countryside YMCA help children and adults learn basic water skills, improve swimming skills, practice water safety and learn water rescue skills. Of course, we have fun in the process. Swim lessons are progressive and class sizes are small so children and adults get the personalized swim instruction they need to build vital skills and prepare for the next program level.

Stage 1 – Water Acclimation

The Stage 1 preschool swim lesson is all about getting children acclimated to the water. This class is best suited for children who have graduated out of the parent-child swim lessons or who have already completed a swimming evaluation.

Young swimmers will master several skills, including bobs, proper water exit, turns, floating, and more.

Stage 2 – Water Movement

Once preschoolers have completed the Stage 1 class, they can move on to Stage 2, which focuses on forward water movement and basic self-rescue skills.

During class, children learn how to tread water while improving their endurance and swimming distance.

Stage 3 – Water Stamina

The third stage allows preschoolers to gain their stamina in the water. We’ll focus on enhancing the child’s endurance and distance skills. As the child advances, they’ll have to meet a variety of benchmarks, including backstrokes, freestyle swimming, diving and 30 seconds of treading water.

Preschoolers must learn how to master these skills before moving to the final stage.

Stage 4 – Stroke Introduction

Stroke introduction is an advanced class where the swimmer will learn to master the key swimming strokes:

  • Butterfly

  • Elementary backstroke

  • Breaststroke

Multiple benchmarks will be taken in stage 4 to ensure that the swimmer masters all the stages of our preschool swim lessons.

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