The Lifelong Benefits of Swim Lessons

Swimming is an important skill for anyone to learn. Taking lessons early in life will provide lifelong benefits, but it is never to late to learn. Whenever you do sign up for swim lessons, here are some of the benefits you'll gain.,/p>

Water Safety

In YMCA swim lessons, students learn basic water skills and improve swimming skills, as well as practice water safety and water rescue skills to reduce their risk of drowning. Drowning is a leading cause of death in children aged 14 and younger. Swimming lessons can help reduce the risk of drowning by teaching children and adults water safety skills. Formal swim lessons allow children to learn important skills including basic strokes, floating and treading water in a safe environment. Adult swim lessons help adults to feel safer around and in water, too. 


Swimming lessons give anyone new skills that help build confidence. Formal lessons can help anyone overcome the fear of water. Swim lessons are progressive and class sizes are small so students get the personalized swim instruction they need to build vital skills and prepare for the next program level. Trying new things, facing fears and achieving goals can do wonders for self-esteem, and build confidence will transfer to other areas of life. Swimming lessons can also help children and adults develop a positive attitude towards exercise, which can help them stay active throughout their lives.

Social Development

Group swim lessons for youth or adults are offered at the Y, as well as private lessons. Participants in group lessons have the chance to make new friends and socialize,

If you want to feel a sense of achievement from mastering a new activity you can enjoy the rest of your life, then come and learn to swim at Countryside YMCA!

Family Group Private Swim Lessons

One of the new swim lessons offered by Countryside YMCA is our family group private swim lessons. Three people from the same family will spend thirty minutes working with an instructor on the specific swim skills your family needs. Learn more under Specialty &  Private lessons below.  

One week summer swim lessons 

Every summer we offer one week lessons which means our fantastic lessons fit even better into your family’s summer schedule because this options allows you to  swim every morning for a week and cover a session of swimming. Available only in the summer. Our fall and winter sessions are 8-weeks, and our spring and summer sessions are 5-weeks. 

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