Always Moving Forward: Countryside YMCA Competitive Swim Teams 

logo of Countryside YMCA Torpedoes Competitive swimming offers all participants the ability to push their limits in both solo and team settings. Our YMCA swimming teams are designed for kids up to 18 years old and offer opportunities for all swimming levels from beginners to elite. When you join our competitive swimming teams, your child will benefit in several ways:

  • Improve their overall swimming ability with the opportunity to turn into a world-class swimmer

  • Teach your child the benefit of self-discipline and goal setting

  • Engage in a low-impact sport that doesn't put stress on the joints

  • Encourage your child to be fit with water, offering superb resistance training

Swimming is a skill that can last a lifetime for all members. When your child starts swimming competitively, they’ll enter a sport that they can engage in for the rest of their lives. YMCA swimming teams also improve confidence, promote an active lifestyle and can improve a swimmer’s sleep.

Competitiveness helps swimmers push their limits and set goals. Through hard work and discipline, your child can transition from a beginner swimmer to an advanced swimmer who is dedicated and passionate about the sport.

Our swim teams are designed to boost confidence, offer socialization and promote an active lifestyle in all participants.

Countryside YMCA Competitive Swim Team Options

The Countryside YMCA Torpedo Swim Team serves the area’s youth through a competitive swim program dedicated to Christian ideals and excellence. The swim team is a family-oriented organization committed to a well-constructed and well-executed program in which athletes can excel, both in and out of the water. The swim team facilitates a positive, supportive environment for swimmers who compete in the sport of swimming. Through our Junior (10 & under), Age Group (11-14) and Senior (15-18) swimming programs, we provide year-round training for everyone - from the novice competitor to the elite levels of competitive swimming. We encourage each swimmer to set aggressive goals for themselves. For more information, contact Head Coach Jason Roberts  or view the team website.

The Precompetitive Torpedoes Team is a bridge for individuals between swim lessons and our competitive program. It uses elements of both programs. Participants will gain a basic understanding of swim teams while working on stroke mechanics, racing starts, turns, pace clock reading, and many other swim team activities. Prerequisites: The swimmer must be 6 years of age, swim at or beyond Stage 3 swim lessons, or be able to swim 25 yards freestyle with rotary breathing, 25 yards backstroke, and have a working knowledge of breaststroke, and butterfly. Tryouts are required.   For more information, contact Karla Toye.

Four Top Reasons to Become a Countryside YMCA Torpedo

  • Over the years the team has been YMCA National Champs as Boys, Girls and Combined.

  • In the last 5 years swimmers graduating our program have earned over $500,000.00 in Academic and Athletic Scholarship.

  • Swimmers graduating from the Torpedoes family have gone on to swim at NCAA Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 and NAIA.

  • Torpedoes have participated at the Olympic Trials, NCAA Championships, and international competitions.

YMCA Torpedo Rankings 

  • 174th in the USA out of over 3,000 teams

  • 13th ranked team in the YMCA Nationwide

  • #1st ranked YMCA in the state of Ohio

  • #5th overall ranked program in Ohio

  • Southwest Ohio YMCA Swim League (SWOYSL) League Champions

  • 19x team champion since 2000 LCM

  • 9 years in a row champion SCY