Our gyms are now open with limited use. Come in during the open gym times listed below and get back in the game for  basketball, pickleball, and table tennis! No reservation required. 

General Gym Information

Upstairs Gyms are open regular hours, but Summer Camp will have priority in case of inclement weather.
Lower Level Main gym is only open for Pickleball, and only during the hours listed below. The LL Mini Gym is closed. 

Basketball Open Gym Times

Monday 11:30am-1pm   South Main
Tuesday  5:30am-7:30am North and South Main
Wednesday  11:30am-1pm  South Main 
Thursday  5:30am-7:30am North and South Main
Friday  11:30am-1pm South Main
Saturday  7:00am-9:00am North and South Main

 Pickleball Open Gym Times

Monday 10:00pm-1:30pm  LL Main
Wednesday 1:00pm-1:30pm  LL Main
Friday  1:00pm-1:30pm LL Main

 Tennis Table Open Gym Times

Monday 6:00am-7:30am  Mini Gym
Tuesday 6:00am-7:30am  Mini Gym
Wednesday 6:00am-7:30am  Mini Gym

Thursday 6:00am-7:30am Mini Gym
Friday 6:00am-7:30am Mini Gym

Changes to the Gym for COVID-19

  • All members should adhere by 6 feet of social distancing while they are waiting to play. Avoiding contact as much as possible will help the chances of not spreading the virus. 

  • Please clean up all trash and personal belongings. The sports department will clean all areas of use after completion of activities. 

  • Please bring your own water bottles. Our no-touch water bottle fillers are working, but vending machines are closed. 

We reserve the right to close the gym at any time if our summer campers are in need of indoor space. Thank you for your cooperation! 

When You Come to the Y

Do a healthy self-check before you leave home and stay home if you are ill or you have symptoms of COVID-19.

Come to the Y with a purpose. Come to work out, lap swim, or attend a specific program. Our lobby furniture and café tables have been temporarily removed to prevent gathering for socializing. 

Arrive no more than 10 minutes before your class or program begins. 

Follow physical distancing
 if you must stand in line before entering the Y.

Enter through the North Entrance
 at Lebanon or the front Entrance at Landen. At Lebanon you will also exit through the North Entrance, but at Landen you will exit the facility through Studio A.  

Have your membership card or app ready to scan for a required check-in.

Sanitize your hands upon entry. Sanitizer will be available at the entry. 

Bring your own water bottle, pre-filled. Our water fountains and vending machines are closed.  

Bring your own towel. Our towel service is currently discontinued.

Restrooms and some locker rooms are open. Some showers are also available. 

While You are at the Y

We don’t expect you to wear a mask while you exercise, but for the health of others we encourage you to wear one in our public spaces and when you are interacting with staff. We encourage you to wear a mask as you check-in and walk the hallways, as you interact with staff, and as you exit the building. 

Wash your hands or use our sanitizing stations often. Restrooms are open, and sanitizing stations will be available at entrances, in the Cardio Strength Center, on pool decks, and in any open studios. 

Please bring your own sports equipment to use while at the Y.  Bring your own basketballs, pickleball equipment, and table tennis equipment. 

Follow physical distancing if you are waiting for people to leave the gym. Also maintain social distancing at all times outside of your gametime. Partners exercising together and sharing equipment must maintain group segmentation from others exercising.

Still have questions about our re-opening?

If you can't find what you need in the information on this page, email membership@ymcastaff.org and we'll get back to you soon!