Motion Zone

Our Motion Zone is currently closed. We aren’t quite ready to open it yet. We will announce teh opening date as soon as we can ensure the Motion Zone meet the highest standards for hygiene and safety, and our staff is well-trained to maintain the mandated safety and cleanliness requirements. 

When open, this special facility is filled with Exergame equipment and X Box Kinect systems. It's a unique active space for youth age 7 and up ( including adults), that provides a revolutionary opportunity to experience exercise, increase agility and improve hand-eye coordination all while having fun.  Go ahead, let your kids enjoy video games in a way that provides overall physical, psychological and social benefits.

When the Motion Zone is open, you can enjoy all this: 

  • 3 Kick: 3 towers with targets that can be punched, kicked and slapped
  • Cardiowall: Challenges users to balance, stretch, squat, reach and think.
  • Exerbike: Pedal to play!
  • Eyeplay: A virtual indoor playground that allows multiple players to interact with colorful graphics and sounds projected on the floor.
  • Heavyball: Moving medicine balls from tower to tower is a great training for lateral movement and squatting.
  • T Wall: The ultimate fitness gaming platform.
  • Xbox Kinect Games:
  • Sports: provides soccer, volleyball, bowling, etc. games that make you jump and move as if you were really playing each game
  • Dance: dance to favorite songs and can also be competitive
  • Additional Equipment/Activities:
  • Computers: homework or play games
  • DVD player: watch movies
  • Coloring Pages: enjoy coloring for fun or to win prizes