A Competition for Fun, Fitness, & Charity!

Challenge yourself and your friends on either a 10K or 20K course using your own bike on precision virtual racing equipment! We'll attach your bicycle to a stationary, computerized trainer that simulates outdoor riding conditions. The computer adjusts the resistance you feel on your pedals based on your weight, speed, and the slope of the course at any point from start to finish. See your speed, power, and progress compared to the other racers at all times. Results are posted online. A portion of the proceeds from this event benefit the Countryside YMCA Annual Campaign Fund.
Date March 3 & March 24, 2024 | 8:00am–3:00pm

Countryside YMCA | Lebanon Studio 3


Visit ohiocyclingcenter.com

Sign up at ohiocyclingcenter.com
Contact Paul Rouse for more information at ohiocyclingcenter@gmail.com 
Things to bring to the race
1. Your payment (if not paid in advance). Make checks payable to Countryside YMCA.
2. Your bicycle. Clean off excess dirt, grease, and grime from the frame and tires before you come.  
3. Your portable training stand for warm-up (no rollers please). We have some riser blocks for the front wheels. 
4. Your bike shorts, jersey, shoes, gloves, heart rate monitor, etc.
5. A water bottle (one is enough for the race).
6. A towel for perspiration during warm-up and race. 
7. A towel to shower after the race. You may use the showers at the YMCA to clean up after your race.