Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby racing season is just around the corner and this year the Y is inviting kids of all ages to join in the fun!
The pinewood derby is a racing event for unpowered, unmanned miniature cars. About a month before the race, racers build their own cars from kits containing a block of pine wood, plastic wheels, and metal axles. On the day of the race, cars are weighed, and then raced on tracks provided with timers. The fastest cars win! Traditionally, pinewood derbies are run by chapters of the Cub Scouts program of Boy Scouts of America. However, the Y is inviting all kids to race here - non-Scouts are welcome as are Scouts who have aged out of the Scouting program.
The Y will have three classes for racing:
Open Class Youth: 14 and under
Open Class Adult: 15 and older
Vintage Class: The Vintage Class is for former Cub Scouts who still have their pinewood derby cars. Vintage Class cars are not subject to the regular pinewood derby rules other than those that affect the ability to clear starting gate (height) and sensors (no weight extending below the body of the car).
Winners of each division will receive a trophy.
Lower Level Main Gym
Saturday, April 28, 2019
12:30pm start time
$5 per person
$5 for car kit: Pay at the front desk and pick the kit up from Zach McCollum. No car kit is required if you have an existing pinewood derby car you plan to race in the Vintage Class.
Questions? Contact Zach McCollum
513 932 1424 174
Pinewood Derby Official Rules
1) Except for vintage cars, all cars must be made during the current year.
2) All cars must pass inspection and weigh no more than 5 ounces.
3) All cars must be made with the official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit to include the original wheels, axles, and wood body.
4) All cars will be weighed on the same scale. The reading on the scale used is final.
5) The car must be gravity started and powered, no starting propulsion devices allowed.
6) No loose materials of any kind are allowed inside the car body.
7) All materials added to the car shall be securely fastened. Anything that falls off during or after the race shall not be reattached with the exception of the wheels. No cars can be modified after registration is complete.
8) Car wheels may not be machined to a beveled condition and the portion of the wheel surface that contacts the track must remain parallel to the car body and axle.
9) Wheel bearings, bushings, and axle tubing are prohibited. The wheels can only touch the provided nail head axle and the wood body of the car. No hollow tubes or other spacing devices can be used to space the wheels on the car. No “hub caps” holding graphite are to be used.
The pinewood derby car shall not exceed the following dimensions or the car will not be able to run down the track used for the race.
A) The width of the car cannot exceed 2 ¾”
B) The length of the car cannot exceed 7”
C) The height of the car cannot exceed 3” with the wheels on the body of the car.
D) The car cannot have any weights on the bottom. This will prevent it from hitting the sensors used on the track.
E) The car cannot weigh any more than 5 ounces.