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Frequently Asked Questions

My child is ___ years old, what party would be best for him/her? 
The FAC pool party is good for all ages, but you must follow the pool rules which state that all children under 6 years of age must be accompanied by their parent in the water.

The obstacle course is best for ages 3 and up. The party is run by two well qualified gymnastics instructors and the course is age appropriate.

The climbing wall is best for ages 8 and up. The party will be attended by two well qualified climbing wall staff. (Parents are also welcome to get trained and help belay.) 

Will my hour long activity be in a reserved or private setting?
For the FAC party, the pool will remain open for our members. We do request that an extra guard be scheduled during pool parties so that swim tests can be accomplished faster and that greater monitoring can be achieved.

For the climbing wall party, the “Summit” will remain open to members, but the climbing staff will be assigned strictly to your party group. Members are still welcome to come in and belay for their own family or boulder climb (climbing horizontally along the bottom of the wall).

For the obstacle course party, the gymnastics center is closed to all other activities.

How are activities structured? 
The FAC pool parties are open swim.

The climbing wall is flexible as to what routes the climbers want to take, but the staff takes care to make sure that all guests receive fair and adequate time to climb.

The obstacle course party is structured to allow time for use of padded course, plus time on several other parts of the center. The party concludes with a fun parachute activity and special birthday “surprise.”

The Motion Zone is structured with Exergames led by our trianed staff.

When should I book my party?
Generally it is best to book your party 3-4 weeks in advance. We try to accommodate all booking requests, but with limited availability, our party slots do fill up quickly.

Birthday parties are processed on a first-come first served basis via the on-line party request form. Birthday parties may not be booked via initial voice messaging.

Can I just book a room and throw my own party? 
We take great care in making sure we have constructed a fun, safe and economical party for our members and families in the community. We have limited availability for our weekend room usage and have chosen to allow only our structured parties to take place.

My child is allergic to ________. Is it possible not to utilize the included pizza/drinks?
We are happy to adjust the party fee and not include the pizza and/or drinks. You may bring any alternative food that you’d like.

Can I cancel and get my $75 deposit back?
The only situation where a party deposit will be refunded is in the case of inclement where weather conditions are unsafe for travel or a YMCA closure.  If your child is sick, we will reschedule your party for another date.

I want to bring more that 15 guests. Is that okay?
For several reasons, it is important that we stick to the “up to 15” count with guests. However, we understand that there are times that this is just not possible. We will allow under certain circumstances that a couple more guests may come to your event. We will, however, charge you an additional $10 per child for this exception.  This must be cleared with the party coordinator prior to the party.




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