These 5 ideas for keeping fit this summer will build confidence and keep you healthy at the same time.






YMCA Fitness: Top 5 Ways to Stay Fit For the Summer


The long hot summer may entice you to stay inside in the air conditioning, but with YMCA fitness classes and activities, you can stay healthy, fit, and active all year round. Countryside YMCA offers a wealth of possibilities when it comes to exercising and learning new skills as an individual or family. These top five ways to stay fit for the summer will help you reach your goals.


1 – Virtual Fitness Classes


Even if you cannot get out of the house or drive down to one of the great YMCA fitness locations, you can benefit from an organized plan of exercise with help from an experienced and knowledgeable guide. Virtual YMCA fitness classes include everything from senior-friendly arthritis and balance activities to yoga, martial arts, and personal training sessions.


2 – Personal Training and Group Fitness


While you can take advantage of the personal training one-on-one with your membership, group fitness classes offer benefits that go beyond physical exercise. Spend your summer connecting with others through a shared love of dance, cycling, boxing, yoga, and more. These traditional fitness opportunities give you all the benefits of a commercial gym in the state-of-the-art facilities you enjoy with your YMCA membership. Exercising with friends and family makes the whole process of staying fit easier and more comfortable.


3 – Aquatics and Swimming Lessons


What could feel better than taking a dip in a pool during the hot summer months? How about getting a healthy dose of physical fitness at the same time? The Countryside YMCA's pools and aquatic center give you access to the best summertime exercise around. Swim laps, take a water aerobics class, or learn how to dive and lifeguard.


4 – Take Wellness Workshops


Everyone has the skills to join a sports team, and others may not have the physical capabilities necessary to take an aerobics class or dive into the pool. At the YMCA, summertime fitness exists for everyone of all ages and ability levels. Various workshops or specialty exercise groups exist that can help with everything from nutritional counseling to diabetes management to living with Parkinson's. You can improve your overall fitness and feel great all summer long.


5 – Get Involved With a YMCA Sports Team


Take a sports class in anything from archery to volleyball, join a basketball or flag football team, get tennis or rock climbing personal instruction, or show up for a Frisbee golf or racquetball pickup great. At the YMCA fitness center and fields, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to having fun and getting fit with sports.


Another fun and meaningful way to improve your fitness over the summer is to attend one of the special days, races, sports games, or fundraising events that focus on health and physical well-being. 


Sign up for a YMCA Membership and get all the benefits provided by the massive Countryside location. If you want to stay fit all summer long and beyond, explore the huge range of possibilities at the fitness center, through sports teams, and at fun classes perfect for the whole family.