There are many long-term benefits to youth soccer leagues. Today, Countryside YMCA will evaluate some of those benefits.


The first memories for many children include their involvement with youth soccer leagues. We have all been to youth soccer games, as a herd of toddlers follows the ball while countless videos are taken by parents. These youth soccer leagues provide many long-term benefits for players (along with the cuteness of the games for parents). In today’s blog post, Countryside YMCA evaluates the long-term benefits of youth soccer leagues. 

  1. Childhood Memories

Every parent wants their kid to have a memorable childhood. Youth soccer leagues create fond memories for both you and your child as they play a fun sport and make friends along the way. Activities like soccer or basketball are good for cognitive development, and they give parents an opportunity to invest in their children outside the home. Your children will remember the beautiful mornings spent outside, followed by snacks and pictures with family and friends. 

  1. Soccer Skill Development

For children who wish to play sports in the future, youth soccer leagues are also the first step in their skill development. While the chaos of the game might not seem like skill development, youth players learn basic skills like dribbling and shooting that they can build on in future years. They will also begin to learn how the game works on game day and, hopefully, begin developing a love for the game that lasts for years to come. For further skill development, you can also enroll your child in soccer classes at Countryside YMCA.

  1. Exercise Habits

It is no secret that childhood obesity is a major problem in the United States and the world at large. However, obesity isn’t a problem that stops at the end of childhood. In fact, obesity numbers go up drastically for adults. Not only will youth soccer help your child stay active and combat childhood obesity now, but it will also develop healthy exercise habits that continue into the future. Making sure your child knows the importance of staying active is significant for their life as a teenager and adult.

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