If you thought YMCA only offered Youth Sports, then you’ll be surprised!


YMCA Sports


Why YMCA Sports Isn’t Just For Children



There is no question thatYMCA sports and other activities are a great way to get your sons and daughters active, having fun, and exploring new, healthy experiences. As you list all the benefits for your children, do not forget that you can improve your life with a variety of YMCA activities yourself. Learn why sports classes, leagues, pickup games, and other physical activities at Countryside YMCA make sense for your life, interests, and goals.


Who Said Fitness Can't Be Fun?


Do you remember the fun times you had as a child when you headed out to your soccer, basketball, tennis, or baseball classes or practices? Your parents may have signed you up for exercise, to learn teamwork skills, or keep you busy and out of trouble after school, but you got a lot of fun out of the experience, too.


As an adult, YMCA sports provides just as many amazing benefits for your physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, after the age of 25, adultsports participation goes down a lot. You do not have to give up having fun while staying fit. At Countryside YMCA, you have numerous options to choose from.


Learning New Things Boosts Brain Power


Besides fun and physical fitness, YMCA activities that focus on sports for adults also help to keep you mentally sharp and active. Learning new techniques, rules of the game, and winning strategies exercises your brain as much as it does your body. If you do not know how to play a specific game already, countryside facilities have experienced teachers or coaches on hand to share the fundamentals and top techniques for playing well. You will get the opportunity to work with others just like you who delight in learning a new way of getting active.


Adults Need Friends and Social Opportunities, Too


Where do you find friends and new social opportunities as an adult? Your existing circle of friends from college may have gone on to different locations or life situations, and you have lost touch with many of them. Even if you get along with people at your job, this may not translate into free time socialization. YMCA sports give you the perfect opportunity to bond with other adults who have similar interests.


Far too many adults focus on solo activities such as at-home hobbies or jogging or a gym workout to stay fit.Team sports makes the whole experience richer when it comes to taking care of your social life.


YMCA Sports – A Great Way to Manage Stress


Positive socialization, physical activity, mental exercise, and that great endorphins rush you get fromplaying a sport all add up to a wonderful way to reduce stress in your everyday life. Exercise has actually shown to affect brain chemistry, boost your mood, and fight depression and anxiety. It is also a major factor in healthy sleep habits. All you have to do is choose one of the many YMCA activities like baseball, basketball, soccer, martial arts, tennis, or fencing and get involved with team sports as an adult.


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