A personal trainer is someone who motivates and coaches you. Our certified trainers at Countryside YMCA help you set and meet your specific goals in order to live healthier.


Why Personal Training is Important to Your Fitness Success

The countryside YMCA offers a host of different physical activity classes, workout programs, sports groups, and more. However, if you have never engaged in a set fitness regimen before, or if you have specific strength or cardio goals, receiving personal training from an educated and experienced trainer or coach can give you the best outcome possible.


What Does Personal Training Do For You?


Anyone with an Internet connection can find videos that show different types of exercises or workout routines. However, how do you know if the one you watch is the best option for you? If it is too easy, you will not get the health benefits you want. If it is too hard, you may give up right away or even push yourself too hard and get injured.


Personal training provides a customized solution to your fitness needs. You want to stay healthy, active, at an appropriate weight, flexible, and mobile throughout your life. When you have someone with the education and experience necessary working directly with you to develop a plan, you know the activities and regimen are well-suited to your health goals.


The end result is more comfort, enjoyment, and overall benefits because you have a plan that you can do and will not give up on anytime soon. The YMCA personal training program offers in-depth video instruction so you can follow along and learn how to do everything in a safe manner.


Opportunities for At-Home Personal Training


These videos and online communication possibilities improve your chance of success because you can take care of everything from the comfort of your own home. This is not only important in the current climate when self-isolation is necessary, but also on a regular basis for people with a variety of challenges that may include:


  • No driver's license or vehicle

  • Poor mobility or difficulty getting around

  • Hectic schedules that do not leave much time for in-person classes

  • Anxiety or other issues that make fitness in a crowd difficult


Whether catering to your specific needs or simply as a matter of convenience, virtual personal training provides many of the benefits that you can receive from an in-person training session. Take control of your health, strength, balance, and overall well-being when you choose to work with a skilled and dedicated individual who can develop a program just for you.


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