Learning to swim is an essential life skill, and there are many benefits to starting lessons early in life. Aside from the physical benefits of learning to swim, children also develop confidence, improved motor skills and the ability to enjoy some of the most beloved summer activities. At the Y, we encourage children to learn how to swim as early as possible and offer classes for kids of virtually all ages. Here’s why learning to swim at an early age is so important

kids swimming YMCA


It Could Save Your Child’s Life

Teaching your child about water safety and how to swim at a young age could save their life. Drowning is a leading cause of death among children aged 1 to 14. Learning to swim at an early age can help prevent drowning.

Your child will also feel confident and comfortable in the water. If they find themselves in trouble, they will have the capability of getting themselves to safety.

Swimming Encourages an Active Lifestyle

Early swimming lessons can encourage children to be more active as they grow and throughout their lifetime. Even if your child never develops an interest in swimming competitively, they will have that desire and drive to stay active.

Swimming itself offers many health benefits. Along with being a low-impact form of exercise, swimming can help improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength.

The sooner your child learns how to swim, the sooner they can start enjoying the physical health benefits of swimming.

Kids Can Enjoy Summer Activities

When kids learn to swim at an early age, they can participate in summer activities that other kids are enjoying. Whether it’s the camp program here at the YMCA, a local waterpark or a trip to the pool, kids will have the skill and confidence to enjoy summer water activities.

Early introduction to swimming and being in the water can also help prevent fear of the water. Kids can develop a fear of water, usually around age 2, if they’re not introduced to it early on. Infant swimming lessons can help prevent this fear and help children feel confident in the pool at all ages.

Improved Motor Skills

Kids swimming lessons are a great opportunity for your child to develop and improve their motor skills. Research has found that children who learn to swim at an early age are often several months ahead with their motor skills.

Swimming helps build strength throughout the body for overall better balance and motor control.

These motor skills will help your child with countless tasks, from writing to running, jumping and even playing with building blocks.

Make New Friends

As children get older, swimming lessons can be a great way to socialize and make new friends. Even if your child is working one-on-one with a swimming coach, they are learning how to interact with others in a positive way.

Kids who take swimming lessons early on tend to develop social skills quickly.

Learning to swim at a young age offers lifelong benefits. From improved confidence to better physical health and social skills, there are so many reasons to enroll your child in swimming lessons this year.