Keeping kids active is difficult when they're stuck to their smartphones. But parents are being encouraged to enter their children in a kid's triathlon. Team USA is also encouraging kids to try a triathlon. Kids deserve a chance to be physically active.

Why Kids Should Do Triathlons


When children aren't chosen for a "team," they often give up. A triathlon is an opportunity to create a child's own "personal best," so that they can push their limits.

A few of the reasons we recommend kids join triathlons are:


1. Triathlons Get Kids Active

Children should be getting at least an hour of physical activity daily. Lack of exercise can cause energy imbalance, increase cardiovascular disease risks as well as risks of:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Low bone density
  • More

Less than 25% of kids engage in 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Training for a triathlon encourages kids to get active.


2. Teaches Kids to Set and Meet Goals

Being active can be difficult when a kid doesn't make the basketball, football or soccer team. But when training for a triathlon, a child has the opportunity to try and beat their own goals.

Kids can set and meet their own goals when training for a triathlon in a way that is different than a team sport. Learning to push themselves to reach goals for personal best achievements has a different satisfaction than working on team goals. Both are good, but triathlon training is definitely an individual sport.

Self-responsibility is learned when a child has to continue beating their best times, training to be faster with every event and work on their weaknesses.


3. Develop Motor Skills

Training for a triathlon will help children, and even adults, develop their motor skills. In addition, children often find the training rewarding and will find fun in the three activities:

  • -Running
  • -Biking
  • -Swimming

And all of these sports help children develop essential skills, including the lifesaving skill of swimming, that they will carry with them into adulthood.


4. Develop Strength, Endurance and Balance

Triathlons are very intense, and they work all muscle groups. Kids need to develop balance, endurance and strength, and a triathlon is an excellent way of achieving this goal. A kids triathlon, and the training that goes with it, will:

  • -Improve the child's balance
  • -Enhance the child's endurance and cardiovascular health
  • -Break down muscle fibers to encourage muscle growth

From a health perspective, a triathlon will help your child engage in activities that add to their overall well-being.


5. Triathlons are Fun

Kids should be having fun if you want them to continue with any activity. For example, when a child loves swimming and biking but not running, they'll still want to be in a triathlon because the other activities are fun.

Training and accomplishing a goal, whether it be to finish the race or beat a specific time, is fun.

Fun activities will help keep kids more active because these are activities that they want to do.

Join Us for a Kid's Triathlon

Do you want to enroll your child in a kids' triathlon? Our Healthy Kids Triathlon benefits our Annual Campaign here in Lebanon and Warren County. The event takes place on August 21. We encourage you to learn more about the event, or you can register for the Triathlon online.

We hope to see you there!