There are many benefits for children who play flag football. There are multiple character-building reasons to enroll your child in flag football as well as physical benefits. Enroll in Flag Football at Countryside YMCA.

Youth Flag Football



What Your Child Will Learn Playing Flag Football

Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States today, and kids who watch the games and follow the stars want to play their own games. However, with the danger involved in tackles and hits, flag football has become the best choice for parents and youth wanting to take part safely.


Flag football offers many benefits beyond fun and exercise. Of course, getting a lot of physical activity helps children stay strong, limber, and at a healthy weight. Mental and emotional benefits also exist. Your child can learn a lot of important skills and life lessons when you sign them up for YMCA flag football at any age.


Flag Football Offers Learning Opportunities


When your son or daughter gets involved in recreational flag football, they get the opportunity to learn important things that go beyond a focus on physical activity. These lessons remain strong when they are built on a firm foundation of fun. After all, if the child does not enjoy themselves, they will not get all the benefits that come with the sport.


Teamwork and Camaraderie


Playing a team sport like flag football enforces your child's ability to function as part of a greater whole. Not only do they learn to strategize and plan with others, but they come to understand how important it is to think of benefits outside themselves. Team sports are one of the best ways for children to learn how to work together and establish camaraderie with their peers.




With teamwork comes the need for self-control and discipline. Playing flag football, they can learn how important it is to pull their own weight and practice so they do not let their teammates down. They will also learn to control themselves in order to play the game to the best of their ability. Younger children, especially, who may not have the focus necessary to get involved with highly competitive sports, fun activities like flag football allow them to develop discipline over time.


Exercise Improves Your Mood


Besides all the physical benefits of regular exercise, running around and having fun elevates their moods, too. It is never too early for your child to understand the connection between their physical body and their mental and emotional well-being. Learning that you can feel more positive on a regular basis can combat the stressful modern challenges that many young people face today.


Strong Work Ethic and Goal Setting


Even without the focus on winning the game, children and youth involved in flag football at the YMCA cultivate a work ethic that allows them to set and meet goals individually and with others. With the guidance of a friendly and experienced coach and assistants, this becomes more fun and less of a chore.


They Can Do It!


Unlike highly competitive sports teams that may leave the losers feeling distraught or destroy their self-confidence, recreational flag football promotes a can-do spirit. When everyone tries their best and works together as a team, your child can learn that these things lead to improvements in how they see themselves every day.


Countryside YMCA offers both youth and adult leagues, so there is something for everyone. Click here to sign up and see what leagues are available right now!