It’s never too early to start getting your child accustomed to being in the water. Our trained aquatics instructors specialize in getting your child ready for swimming activities. Sign up for parent/child swim lessons.



What to Expect From Swim Lessons for Infants


While many parents think swimming lessons should start once their child is old enough to understand pool safety and the fund they can have in the water, baby swim lessons are a popular and smart way to introduce the activity. At Countryside YMCA, we offer a three-stage approach to parent and infant water discovery and the foundation for swimming skills. These classes also offer training for parents who want to make sure they can keep their own son or daughter safe in and around the water.


Three Stages of Swim Lessons for Infants


At the YMCA, the family can enjoy three stages of baby, toddler, or child swim lessons. Of course, if you want to get in the pool with a baby, you need to start at the beginning. These include:


  • Water acclamation with parents

  • Water discovery

  • Water exploration


Although they are not all designed for infants, they do represent a natural progression of skills as your child gets older. Getting acclimated to the pool is an important part of starting a child's experience with swimming out right. Most babies love water and are eager to splash and play with a caring parent or guardian close by.


When you sign up for one of these baby swim lessons, you should expect a lot of fun, light exercise, important skills that will stand the test of time, and an exceptional bonding experience with your little one. It is also a great way for new moms and dads to get out in the community and meet other parents and guardians just like them.


Besides simply enjoying the water together, swim lessons for infants can also help increase survival possibilities if an accident occurs. Babies can actually learn infant self-rescue techniques in the water.


The Benefits of Parent and Baby Swimming


The same care and attention that goes into all Countryside YMCA classes and programs, such as our excellent childcare services, go into the parent and infant swimming lessons. They are not intended to be a way to get your six-month-old two swim laps or tread water. Instead, they introduce the skills that can lead to these things in the future.


Experts recommend that babies are at least 3 to 6 months old before getting in the pool for the first time. Always ask your pediatrician for their recommendations before signing up to a YMCA class or going to a private or public pool.


Baby swim lessons improve skills like overall motor abilities even in children who are not yet walking. Being in the water gives a different type of muscle stimulation in a full-body way that cannot be achieved on dry land. It has also been shown to improve their cognitive development and emotional control. Even babies and small toddlers can get a boost of self-confidence from enjoying time in the water with their parent or guardian.


To get all of these benefits and more from swim lessons for infants, sign up at Countryside YMCA as a member. You and your baby will enjoy splashing together and learning the fundamentals of water expiration.