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YMCA summer camps are great for parents looking for summer activities for their kids. Countryside YMCA discusses what to expect at these camps.

Young children at a summer camp

For parents, summer months can be chaotic and stressful. While your children are on summer break, you won’t get such a break because you may have a house full of kids and nowhere to take them. Finding activities for your children during summer break is a yearly struggle for many parents. YMCA summer camps are a potential solution. At Countryside YMCA, we offer a variety of unique YMCA summer camps for children of all ages and interests. In today’s blog post, we discuss what you should expect at YMCA summer camps. 

When Are YMCA Summer Camps?

YMCA summer camps begin each year during the last week of May and run all the way through mid-August. Countryside YMCA provides summer camps across 12 weeks for a variety of different interests and prices. YMCA summer camps are typically single-day camps, and parents have the option of a half-day or full-day camp for their child. For the half-day camp, you can choose a morning option from 9 a.m. to noon or an afternoon option from 1 to 4 p.m. The full-day camp runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Drop off times run 15 minutes before each camp starts, and you can pick up your child up to 15 minutes after the camp ends.  

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of YMCA summer camps varies, depending on the camp. Our core camps, which include activities such as aquatics, gymnastics, and discover, run at $135 for members and $160 for non-members for the full day. The half-day price drops to $110 and $125 for members and non-members, respectively. Our specialty camps, which include more advanced sports camps like basketball and golf, range from $150 to $205 for members. Our most affordable camps are the preschool camps along with arts and education camps, which start at $110 and $120, respectively. 

What Activities Should We Expect?

As noted previously, activities depend on the camp. Each camp has a broad or specific focus. For example, Sports of All Sorts is one of our core YMCA summer camps. It includes a variety of different sports options each week. The lacrosse camp, however, has just one available week and is specific to lacrosse. Some camps, such as the high adventure camp, feature a different activity each week. These camps allow you to choose whatever activity your child is most interested in and register them for that specific week. 

Contact Countryside YMCA for More Information

If you are looking for activities to keep your child active this summer, YMCA summer camps at Countryside YMCA are a great option. For more information on our offerings, get in touch with us at (513) 932-1424 or learn more online.