When you donate to an organization, you're helping the organization remain in business and continue its cause. However, when you're giving your hard-earned money to anyone, you need to do it systematically. You must choose an organization that has a mission you agree with and are passionate about.

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Consider These 4 Points Before You Donate to an Organization


1. Always Consider the Cause

What is the cause of the organization? Sometimes, you'll support people with medical issues or illnesses, such as donating to help fund cancer research. However, there are also many causes that may offer a personal sentiment.

For example, many people support the YMCA because they can relate to our cause.

What's our cause?

Strengthening community.

And we aim to work with everyone to better themselves, regardless of:

  • Income
  • Age
  • Background

We help members grow, learn and thrive.

Donating to an organization helps these entities further their cause. Taking time to consider the cause allows you to leverage your money in ways that give back to something bigger.


2. Think About Transparency

When you donate to an organization, you must consider transparency. You have a right to know how your donations are being spent. A few of the things that you want to consider are:

  • How much of your donation is going to pay for administrative fees?
  • How much of your donation is going to further the cause?

You should be able to look through past financial information to see how money is being spent. Sadly, there have been many organizations in the past where a small fraction of each donation dollar goes to the cause.

Transparency allows you to have the confidence that the organization you choose is actually using your money wisely. 


3. Affiliations

Many organizations are affiliated with others. While many affiliations you'll agree with, there are always some that you may not. It's crucial to consider the organization's affiliations to ensure they are also aligned with your values.

You want to agree with the stance and beliefs of the affiliation if you are donating your hard-earned money.


4. Consider the Impact

When you donate to an organization, your impact can be:

  • Local
  • National
  • Global

You need to consider whether you want to support a charity that is helping people locally, globally or nationally. Many donors wish to support their local community directly, and they can achieve this goal if they choose the right charity to support.

However, there is one more way to donate that goes beyond financial contributions.

You can donate your time. Many people fail to think beyond dollars, but you can do so much more than provide financial contributions. If you don't have the finances to help support a cause, you can always donate your time, which has an equally important impact.

Choosing an organization to support is a major decision, but using the tips above can make sure that your support is being used wisely. When in doubt, consider an organization that supports local residents so that you can see the impact of your donation first-hand.