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Countryside YMCA members get the benefit of both indoor and outdoor sports at the Y all year round. Although adult classes and leagues are available, many people look to the Y for youth sports instead. No matter what your age or ability level, you can use a variety of fitness and sporting activities to help fuel your success in the rest of your life.


Sports at the YMCA give you so much more than an opportunity to exercise and get physically stronger. The programs are specially created to foster a wealth of benefits that contribute to everything from emotional well-being to your personal achievements. Explore the correlation between playing a sport or engaging in group fitness and success.


Sports at the YMCA Start Kids Off Right


Parents want to provide the best possible foundation for their sons and daughters. Youth sports offer a wealth of ways to learn important life skills that lead to contentment and success. Although competition in the quest to win a game does fuel a lot of sporting interest, there are other aspects of getting involved that matter more to proper emotional and social development.


  • Good sportsmanship

  • Teamwork and working toward a common goal

  • Importance of physical fitness

  • Courage and resilience to overcome difficulties


Success is a state of mind that you achieve from knowing you did your absolute best to work with others toward a common goal whether you achieve it or not. Sports at the YMCA, whether you choose baseball, soccer, basketball, fencing, martial arts, or tennis, all have the opportunity of teaching this important lesson.


Sports at YMCA Contribute to Lifelong Success


Although many people focus on children when it comes to sports leagues and lessons, people of all ages can benefit from getting involved in physical activities that promote teamwork. The YMCA offers not only classes in the usual sports you may see on TV, but also gives you the opportunity to explore unique ways of challenging yourself. Some of these include archery, rock climbing, agility training, table tennis, and Frisbee golf.


Physical fitness is, of course, essential for lifelong health and well-being. Sports at YMCA also help manage stress, build new friendships, allow for business networking, and introduces you to a diverse range of people that can improve your worldview and experiences.


No matter what type of sports you get involved in, you will achieve many goals and earn many benefits that contribute to your overall success in life. There is no age limit on activity, learning, or growing into the type of person you truly want to be. Whether you want to be a competitive basketball player, keep active and fit in the Countryside YMCA aquatic center and swimming pool, or have fun with an occasional game of pickle ball, you will reap the benefits of sports at the YMCA.


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