Here’s How You Can Volunteer with Countryside YMCA

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Volunteering at your local YMCA is a great way to make a positive impact on your community. Local volunteers help keep communities strong, and your local YMCA is one of the best places to get involved. At Countryside YMCA, we welcome all the volunteer help we can get. We offer various ways for volunteers to lend a hand, from being a tour guide to working with active seniors at Stolle Center. Countryside YMCA discusses the benefits of volunteering and why you should volunteer with us.

Why Should You Volunteer?

All communities need their residents to be involved in local organizations if they are to thrive. Every community faces unique challenges, from public schooling to homelessness. Community centers are often the best places to help with those challenges. Volunteering at community centers saves valuable financial resources for the organization, gives you something worthwhile to do in your spare time, and strengthens families and schools. Through community centers like Countryside YMCA, volunteers provide daycare and after-school programs, as well as helping with youth sports programs.

How Can You Volunteer?

You have many opportunities to volunteer with Countryside YMCA. We want to see all kinds of people volunteer and contribute their unique skill sets. You can volunteer to assist with our athletics programs, from swimming to gymnastics and even group fitness classes. If you have experience in business or committees, you can help through special event coordination, office work, and committee work. We want community members to be a part of specialized committees, such as building advisory panels, membership committees, and trustee groups. 

Why Volunteer with Countryside YMCA?

Many organizations in our community need volunteers. So, why should you choose Countryside YMCA? We have a team of nearly 1,600 volunteers, and we would love to see you join our team. When you work with Countryside YMCA, you help people of all ages with many areas of critical needs. There is a need in our area for volunteer work, and we want to be a part of the solution. To do that, we need your help. 

Contact Countryside YMCA for More Information

If you want to volunteer in our community, Countryside YMCA has an opportunity for you. Contact one of our three locations or fill out our participation form for more information on how to get involved.