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Virtual YMCA Classes to Keep You Active and Healthy

Sometimes, you simply cannot find the time to get in the car and drive out to Countryside YMCA for an exercise class or hour of fitness in the gym. For those members who do not drive or have health-related or mobility issues that keep them closer to home, access to the Internet is all you need to take part in YMCA virtual classes that help you stay active, healthy, and engaged with others.

Access to Internet-based classes is especially important in this difficult time when many people are self-isolating or staying at home for health and safety reasons. It can be difficult to give up your usual health regimen, and you may worry about how to maintain your fitness, strength, and cardiovascular health.

With the opportunities provided by YMCA virtual classes, you can still enjoy a full complement of activities from the safety and comfort of your own home. Explore the possibilities and choose how you will stay active and healthy today and tomorrow.


Flexible Options for Fitness Programs

The FLEX program offers hundreds of different possibilities when it comes to at-home exercise. It includes strength training, cardiovascular activities, HIIT, and yoga guidance in a variety of difficulty levels to suit every user. As the name implies, this is one of the most flexible choices that you can make for your ongoing health. You can follow along with any virtual workout on your schedule.


Enjoy 360 Health Videos and Training

Virtual fitness classes work better when you get the full picture of the activities and specific techniques that will help you stay safe, comfortable, and promote maximum health. Many of the online videos offered here are part of this holistic collection.


Activities Offered for a Variety of Ages and Abilities

One of the most important things in the promotion of good health is to choose a program that suits your abilities. After all, and extremely fit 20-year-old will benefit from different exercises then an 80-year-old with mobility issues. Still, activity is an essential part of maintaining health.

YMCA virtual classes offer a wealth of different possibilities. Some of these include:


Seated Cardio and Strength 

Spend just 15 minutes in a comfortable chair to keep your body active and as strong as possible even if you have mobility issues.


Parkinson's Class 

In 25 minutes, follow along with activities that will help you maintain mobility, balance, and stay as independent as possible now and into the future.



Multiple virtual classes can teach you everything from healthy breathing techniques to poses and asanas and more. These promote physical strength as well as mental well-being.



Older YMCA members or those with mobility issues can appreciate building up strength and balance to prevent falls and other related problems.


Personal Training 

Get personal instruction and help from a certified personal trainer who can teach you how to use your own bodyweight or household goods to stay as strong and active as possible. These customized solutions give you a great way to stay healthy even when you are stuck at home.

Does that you understand how flexible and accessible virtual classes can be, see our YMCA Activities and sign up today to take part.