If you can’t quite make it to the gym or you are currently stuck at home then we have virtual classes that can help you stay fit and healthy while in your own house.





Virtual Classes for Staying Healthy and Active At Home

It can be difficult to get out of the house in ordinary times, but when it gets more difficult and stressful, you still need a way to take care of yourself at home. With virtual YMCA classes at Countryside, you have a true opportunity to maintain or improve your health matter what your age or your situation. These guided classes can teach you new techniques or help you keep up with existing habits that are so important for your balance, strength, weight control, and overall well-being.

It makes sense to turn to distance learning and online guidance for the types of exercises you already do or for new ones you have never tried before. As long as you have access to a computer, smartphone, and Internet signal, you can access these programs with ease. What type of virtual YMCA classes exists for members?


Physical Fitness and Strength

You can stay fit and healthy from the comfort of your own home if you cannot get out for a walk or other exercise regimen. The local YMCA offers a variety of options. These include:

  • FLEX by Fitness on Demand

  • Classes focused on maintaining balance

  • Chair strength exercises for muscles and cardio

  • Parkinson's-specific workouts

You can even sign up for a personal training session to get expert help on how you can use your own bodyweight or canned food for fitness. The FLEX program is especially helpful because you get access to virtual workouts with instructional videos that you can do wherever and whenever you want.


Relaxation With Yoga

Improve flexibility, strength, and promote a sense of calm well-being with yoga classes online. These virtual opportunities teach you the fundamentals of practicing this ancient and trusted mind and body practice. YMCA offers virtual guidance with sunrise, warm or hot, balance, and flow yoga.

Stressful times when you are stuck at home more often than not, things like gentle yoga can help you sent to yourself and find a more peaceful attitude every day.


At-Home Activities for Active Fun

Staying physically fit and maintaining good cardiovascular health should be fun if you want to stick with the program for the long term. Even if you come back to the center soon, these virtual YMCA classes may become your favorites. The opportunities include traditional clogging dances, basketball drills for youth and adults, and the martial art judo.

These types of activities give you the opportunity to expand your repertoire of exercises while learning interesting skills that can also boost your emotions and mental clarity. After all, learning something new keeps your brain just as active as your body.


Consider Cooking With Kids

Whether your children are being kept out of school right now, or you want a fun family activity to do over the summer holidays or on the weekend, the virtual Cooking with Kids classes can help. For different programs are available for a variety of different types of food and age groups. You might want to try delicious chocolate chip scones or more in-depth meal prep education.

Sign up for virtual YMCA classes today.