Benefits of Swim Lessons this Summer | Countryside YMCA

Many students spend their days at the pool during summer months. Countryside YMCA gives three reasons to invest in swim lessons this summer.

Young children at a swimming lesson

Families flock to community pools across the nation during the summer to enjoy the break from school and beat the heat. For parents with younger children, however, the pool can be an anxious place. Making sure that your children have their floaties on and aren’t wandering off into the water by themselves is a full-time job. These worries make swim lessons much more crucial for your youngster. In today’s blog post, Countryside YMCA discusses three reasons why swim lessons are so important for your child. 

  1. Safety

The most significant reason why you need to invest in swim lessons this summer is the safety of your child or children. Safeguards like floaties and life jackets are good options. However, we shouldn’t take them for granted. Children may want to take their floaties off, and we can’t discount the possibility of them accidentally falling in the water without their life jacket. For families with at-home pools, this is even more important. There is no lifeguard or the general public to notice if your child is in the pool without proper safety gear. 

  1. Confidence

When it comes to swimming, having confidence is almost as important as having the proper technique. A panicked swimmer is a swimmer that is in danger, regardless of their experience or ability. With swim lessons, your child has the confidence he or she needs to stay calm in the event that they wind up in the water unexpectedly or are struggling against a current or waves. Having confidence prevents swimmers from panicking, which is often what causes tragic accidents in the water. 

  1. Fun

Another benefit to swim lessons is that they allow your child to learn how to swim in a fun atmosphere. Unless they take a private lesson, your child is surrounded by their peers while learning at the same speed and having fun with their friends. Often, the biggest struggle with teaching a child how to swim is their willingness to listen and focus on the teaching. Swim lessons make the environment more fun. Formal lessons allow your child to focus on what’s being taught to improve retention of the information presented at each lesson. 

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