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This Is Why Clinton Massie Child Care Is Your Best Option

As a parent, choosing the right childcare center is one of the most important responsibilities you undertake. After all, you need to find a place and people who you trust your most precious kids with on a regular basis. Clinton Massie Childcare offers the best in YMCA services that fulfill all your needs as a parent. Better still, they also offer your infant, preschooler, or young child the opportunity to explore, grow, learn, and have plenty of fun.

What Makes a Childcare Center Great?

You need to find responsible individuals or a team who will watch your child with as much care, attention, and responsibility as you would yourself. Countryside YMCA offers multiple locations available to parents around the area, but the Clinton Massie Childcare location is one of the most popular. It is part of the largest Warren County, OH childcare provider system for parents with infants, toddlers, preschool, or school-aged children.

When it comes to choosing a high-quality care service provider, safety, and oversight are our primary objectives. However, you also want to find a group that will nurture your child so they grow in a healthy and well-adjusted way. This includes a wide range of child development topics like physical activity, mental stimulation, creative curriculum, teaching values like honesty and respect, and plenty of fun.

The Unique Features of Clinton Massie Child Care 

No matter what methods you use to choose a childcare facility, you will find that the Clinton Massie YMCA location checks every item on your list. Located on Lebanon Road in Clarksville, this center offers extended childcare hours for the convenience of parents in the community. It offers preschool as well as before and after school care for children kindergarten through eighth grade.

Younger children take part in a unique curriculum plan that focuses on personal development, social interaction, creativity, and beginning knowledge for things like science, math, and literacy.

Older children can also participate in unique growth activities. They can also receive help working on their homework, take responsibility for themselves with self-directed activities, or get involved with fun group play or projects that help build their confidence. These are all essential parts of positive growth for boys and girls of all ages.

Quality Childcare Makes Sense for All Families

Countryside YMCA will always focus on bringing the best possible opportunities and services to every family in this Ohio region. This extends to the multiple child care facilities and services we offer in Clinton Massie and other locations. Not only do we constantly strive to offer the highest quality classes, the most secure locations, and employ the most responsible caregivers and teachers possible, we also want to make it available to as many families as possible.

The YMCA offers child care financial aid to families based on need in Clinton Massie and other areas we serve. Fill out the form or contact us for more information.

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