Giving your child all the tools they need to succeed can be tough. Countryside YMCA can help your child learn and grow with our preschool enrichment program.

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Simple Things That Every Child Needs to Succeed

Young children need a lot of guidance to succeed in the long-term, and a quality preschool can get them started. As parents, you need to weigh the options not only for cost and accessibility but also to ensure that the preschool you choose offers educational and personal enrichment for your sons and daughters. At the YMCA, we have a long track record of providing just that in a safe and inclusive environment. 

1 – A Foundation of Education

Building a foundation of learning helps to give your preschool child the important lessons in beginning reading, numbers, and so much more. They will need these skills when they enter kindergarten the next year. However, these simple lessons also support a love of learning to fuel their natural curiosity and feelings of accomplishment. 

2 – Structure and Organized Time

Throughout their lives, your children will need to follow schedules and stay organized in order to accomplish their goals. A preschool creates the first understanding of this concept. Organized time also helps alleviate some stress and uncertainty about what to do next or when to stop and move to a new activity.

3 – Socialization Skills

Interaction with people outside the family is an important part of proper socialization. It may seem simple to have your children play with other kids or interact with safe adults like teachers or caregivers. Preschool offers numerous opportunities for them to do that and learn the skills to get along positively with others. A group setting with children from a diverse range of families that you find at the YMCA, sets your child on the right path for friendship and cooperation. 

4 – An Opportunity to Explore

Learning and growing requires so much more than structure and lessons. All children need an opportunity to get creative, think for themselves, and explore different aspects of the world around them. This not only teaches them more, but it also fosters a sense of achievement and responsibility for their experiences and growth in the world. 

5 – Health and Safety 

None of these other items on this list of simple things your children need to succeed would be possible without proper health and safety in place. One of the most nerve-racking considerations for a parent like you, putting their child in preschool for the first time, comes from the worry that the location will not be safe or nurturing for them. The YMCA has a long track record of providing exactly that for thousands of children who come through the doors for an opportunity to learn, make friends, and have fun.

It can be a challenge to find a preschool that gives your child everything they need to succeed. The good news is that Countryside YMCA Child Care Center has been awarded the top rating for quality child care, by focusing on the simple yet all-important benefits listed above, Countryside YMCA preschool helps your child learn, grow, and develop in the best way possible.

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