At Countryside YMCA, we provide a variety of different important senior fitness options. Today, we look at some of those fitness options.

Senior fitness class

Finding senior fitness options can be very difficult in many communities. While 24-hour fitness gyms are booming, communities often lack robust senior fitness options that are affordable, convenient, and effective. Countryside YMCA’s mission includes serving everybody in our community, from young children to senior citizens. In today’s blog post, we examine some of the best senior fitness options at Countryside YMCA.

A Matter of Balance

Fall Prevention Awareness Day happens September 23. Falls are one of the primary health and safety issues facing seniors today. At Countryside YMCA, we will host a senior fitness course called A Matter of Balance in October. The goal of the course focuses on how improving balance can prevent falls. Falls are the leading cause of injury for people 65 and older, but there are ways to avoid them. A Matter of Balance is an eight-session course from October 3 through October 28. Sessions occur Monday and Thursday starting at 10:00 AM or 1:00 PM. This is a free, award-winning course for all seniors who want to participate. 

Group Fitness Classes

Along with special courses such as A Matter of Balance, Countryside YMCA offers a variety of group fitness choices for seniors. Our community arthritis aquatics class works on range of motion, flexibility, and mobility for anybody dealing with arthritis. We also offer several different yoga classes, which are some of the most popular and effective exercise classes for seniors. Countryside YMCA also provides many other group fitness classes, including Pilates, general cardio, and strength classes.  

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition represents another crucial part of senior fitness. Eating well is important for all ages, but seniors require different nutritional needs as they age. Nutrition counseling helps you stay on the right nutritional track. At Countryside YMCA, Carrie Linter is our registered dietitian and nutritionist. She’s committed to helping you stay healthy with the right diet. 

Contact Countryside YMCA for Senior Fitness Options

At Countryside YMCA, we help our seniors stay healthy through fitness and nutrition. Find out more about what we offer by giving us a call at (513) 932-1424 or visiting a location today.