This upcoming school year, give your children the safety of Homeschooling with Countryside YMCA!


Safely Homeschool Your Kids with YMCA Classes

The Countryside YMCA has always been dedicated to providing exceptional services and programs for families. And with the rise of the pandemic, they have acted accordingly to keep children and families safe during this uncertain time in every class that they provide. This means that if you are part of the 47% of families considering homeschooling this school year, you can still enroll your child in top-quality activities here at the Countryside YMCA to stimulate creativity and fulfill the physical education requirements. You can do this while having the peace of mind knowing that your child is in the safest environment possible.

Safely Homeschool Your Kids with Classes at the Y 

As parents and/or caregivers, you want nothing more than to keep your child(ren) as protected and safe as possible, no matter what. Though schools are opening back up, it is perfectly okay if you chose to homeschool instead this year. While performing, teaching, and checking off the requirements on your own is an option, you don't have to. By leveraging the Countryside YMCA classes and programs, you can seamlessly check off tasks on your state homeschooling list and be assured your child is getting top educational, engagement, and active care.

So, what exactly can you expect when you enroll your child(ren) at the Countryside YMCA?

  • Optimal social interaction for your child, usually resulting in new friendships.

  • Diverse range of activities to choose from, which satisfies state homeschooling regulations.

  • Certified, trained professionals who know how to leverage your child’s strengths and improve areas that need more development.

  • Your child indulging in fun, exciting, and memorable classes every time!

  • As parents, you can feel at ease knowing your child is getting the best YMCA homeschooling experience possible.

Classes and Program Offered at the Y

Living in Ohio means your child must have at least 900 hours of instruction in the standard subjects, and luckily, the YMCA offers many of them. The Countryside YMCA has prime classes in just about every education need sector, plus more. For a quick reference, below is a list of some of the leading classes and programs that you can select from to meet state homeschooling needs.

  • Physical educational classes of all age groups, including gymnastics, aquatic sports, and leagues

  • Creative arts, including crafting, cooking, and pottery

  • Foreign languages, reading, and writing

  • Music, such as instrument lessons and the after-school theatre program

  • Health and safety, including First Aid and CPR

Sign up for the Many YMCA Homeschool Opportunities Today!

Homeschooling can be a challenge for parents doing this for the first time. But just know that you are not alone, and the professionals here at Countryside YMCA are dedicated to supporting you and giving your child the ideal resources now, and well beyond. This is a wonderful way to supplement your child’s homeschool state education requirements, and with their new profound processes to eliminate COVID-19 risk, you can solidify your confidence that your little ones are in the best possible hands to unlock their true potential.

September is coming up fast, so take a look at the diverse programs and classes here at Countryside YMCA, fulfill your education requirements, and allow your child to become even more enriched during their homeschooling journey. All are welcome!