At Countryside YMCA, we’re all about helping our members reach their health and fitness goals. One way we achieve that is through personal training. The personal trainers (PTs) at the Y are professionals who can educate you on fitness and help you achieve the results you want. If you’re considering personal training at Countryside YMCA, here are five important things to know.


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Personal Training at the Y: 5 Things to Know

1. YMCA Personal Trainers are Certified Pros

The PTs at the YMCA are certified by accredited fitness associations, so you know you’re in capable hands.

Safety is paramount when exercising. Certified, professional personal trainers will ensure that you’re performing exercises correctly, safely and effectively to get the results you want

2. They Can Help You Create a Customized Fitness Plan

A personal trainer will work with you to create a customized fitness that addresses your unique needs.

The process starts with an assessment of your goals and current fitness level. From here, your trainer will help you build a plan that you can put to work with or without their help.

Every person is unique, and a cookie-cutter fitness plan may not get you the results you want. Your trainer will get to know your strengths and weaknesses as well as your goals to help you become the best version of yourself.

3. They Can Help You When You’re Feeling Stuck or Lost in Your Journey

Even if you have experience in the gym, you may reach a point where you feel stuck or can’t get past a plateau. If you’re a beginner, you may not know where to start. Both of these situations are excellent reasons to work with a personal trainer.

Personal training may be an excellent option for you if:

  • You don’t know where to begin with your exercise plan
  • You’re looking for a new challenge
  • You do not see the results you want
  • You need help changing up your workout routine
  • You need accountability
  • You want support and supervision when exercising

The PTs at Countryside YMCA are here to help you reach your goals, challenge you and push you through frustrating plateaus.

4. They Provide the Individual Attention You Need

The PTs at Countryside YMCA provide one-on-one attention for a truly personalized experience. Every session is all about pushing and motivating you to give it your all and celebrating your progress.

The individual attention you get with a PT can’t be matched in a group fitness class. Each exercise you perform, your trainer will be right there ensuring that your form is on point and that you’re pushing yourself hard enough to get the results you want.

5. The Y’s PT Sessions are Flexible

The Y makes it easy to get personal training when it’s most convenient for you. Sessions are available at different time increments and days of the week. Flexibility eliminates obstacles, so you never miss a session and stay on the right track.

Whether you’re new to fitness or just want a change of pace with your exercise routine, the personal trainers at Countryside YMCA are here to help. Give us a call to learn more about our personal training packages today.