ODJFS Partners With Ohio YMCA to provide discounted memberships for certified foster homes and approved kinship caregivers

UPDATE: ODJFS funds have run out but Countryside YMCA would like to provide 50% off membership for foster families. 

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) has partnered with the Ohio Alliance of YMCAs Foundation (Ohio YMCA) to provide free memberships for certified foster homes and approved kinship caregivers who meet certain eligibility criteria. Bridges participants and their children are also eligible. Qualified families will have one year of free entry into Ohio YMCA facilities

To be eligible, certified foster homes must provide the YMCA a copy of the family’s current JFS 01213, “Notice of Approval for Foster Home,” showing the family is currently certified as a foster home. They must also provide a letter from the family’s recommending foster care agency on that agency’s letterhead.

To be eligible as an approved kinship home, families must provide a letter from the agency that approved the family on the agency’s letterhead indicating the family is in good standing with the agency and that they have a current kinship child placed in the home.

To be eligible, Bridges participants must provide a copy of the participant’s Bridges Voluntary Participation Agreement showing the participant is enrolled in Bridges and a letter from the Bridges grantee on the grantee’s letterhead indicating the participant is currently enrolled in Bridges.

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