Are your children having problems learning how to swim properly? They might be making one of these 5 mistakes. Sign your kids up for swim lessons today.

Child swimming in pool


Most Common Mistakes Made by Children Learning to Swim

If you are a parent who wants your son or daughter to swim comfortably and safely from the start, signing up for aquatics classes offers a great opportunity. However, there are several common mistakes made by children learning to swim that you should look out for as a parent. Before you check out the list below, understand that skilled and experienced instructors like those at the Countryside YMCA will help your child stay away from these and other mistakes as well as keep them safe. 

1 – Failure to Get Proper Training

Swimming lessons for children who do not have much experience with water should always include proper instruction from the start. This maximizes safety, enjoyment, and minimizes the risk of making any of these common mistakes. Swim lessons for older kids who want to learn more advanced techniques also benefit from dedicated instructors who can share different stroke types with proper form and more. 

2 – Breathing the Wrong Way

Too many kids just starting out either hold their breath whenever they start to swim or do not manage their breathing technique properly for maximum comfort, safety, and energy. A great instructor will help your child breathe easily while you practice strokes or have fun in the pool. 

3 – Not Using Their Whole Body

During your child’s swim lessons, they will learn how to use their arms, legs, and torso for maximum effect in the water. If kids only rely on their arms to stroke or their legs to kick, they will get tired out more quickly and potentially compromise their safety. Something as simple as being able to keep their hips up when floating can make the whole process so much easier. 

4 – Not Challenging Themselves Safely


One of the most common mistakes children make, and one of the most potentially dangerous is to challenge themselves before they are truly ready. Kids tend to think they can handle anything just because they passed a beginner's swim class. While it is very good to challenge your little ones, always pay attention to safety rules and their limitations.


5 – Forgetting About Fun


Swimming lessons for your kids may focus on safety and learning to be better swimmers, but they should not make the mistake of avoiding fun ways to experience the water. Consider competitive swimming or diving classes for those children who love a challenge.


Learning how to swim is challenging but extremely important. Avoiding these common mistakes helps to keep your kids safe and lets them develop a lifelong interest in aquatic exercise and enjoyment. At the Countryside YMCA, swimming lessons start them outright and keep them headed in the right direction. Sign your kids up for swimming lessons today.