If you’ve been out of your normal routine and not exercising due to being quarantined there are several things you need to know before getting back in the gym.





Life After Quarantine: Coming Back to Exercising After Having Been Out of the Gym


If the current quarantine has interrupted your regular gym or physical activity schedule, you may be eager to learn more about exercising after Covid-19 and what the Countryside YMCA as in store for you. First of all, it is important to continue getting exercise, maintaining your health, and building strength during this difficult time. When everything reopens and you are ready to get active again, follow these important tips to stay safe and healthy.


Current Quarantine Options for Exercise


As some facilities are still closed, and you may not want to risk your health in crowded public locations yet, consider some of the options for quarantine fitness. The YMCA offersvirtual classes that can help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Also, many of the facilities and thepools are open for members on a limited schedule.


Exercising After Covid-19 at the YMCA


When you comeback to exercising after having been out of the gym for a while, it is important to take your time and build up your strength and endurance again. After all, you may have lost some of your former progress that you made before the pandemic hit. To prevent injuries or pushing yourself too hard after a stressful and difficult time, build up gradually.


First, consider your safety. The YMCA is dedicated to providing clean, sanitized, and safe venues for all our members and guests. No matter what the public health situation, we have plenty of staff and protocols in place to keep things clean. Always follow the rules about hygiene, mask wearing, and taking responsibility for the equipment you use.


If you simply want to get active again, Countryside offers a wealth of health and fitness opportunities for people of all ages and ability levels. These include everything from group water aerobics to personal training, pick up sports games, and mobile apps and systems to help you keep your exercise on track. Make exercise fun to not only look and feel your best but also increase the chance that you will continue your healthy habits far into the future.


Get Help From an Expert YMCA Gym Trainer


Unless you have a set fitness regimen in place already for after you return to the gym, consider signing up for help from a YMCA gym trainer. These highly trained and experienced individuals can help you create a unique regimen that will help you meet your fitness goals. Available options include training for groups, water fitness, individual training, and even nutrition counseling.


A personal gym trainer provides not only clear instruction about how to exercise safely and get the most benefits from any activity. They also offer accountability and help with motivation so you stay on track until you meet your goals. The YMCA only employees trainers with certified experts who pass a rigorous background check.


Sign up for a personal trainer at Countryside YMCA! Our experts are ready to help you improve your physical health and well-being in a fun and safe atmosphere.