One of the biggest benefits of youth basketball leagues is skill development. Today, Countryside YMCA looks at skills work.

Young basketball player

Youth basketball leagues from Countryside YMCA offer a fantastic way for young kids to get together and play basketball. There is a wide range of leagues and training options for kids who enjoy basketball, but not all of them are the best options. In fact, there’s a unique formula that young athletes should consider if they want to take their game to the next level. The formula for sports enjoyment at a young age boils down to two main factors: a combination of skill development and fun. In today’s blog post, Countryside YMCA discusses how youth basketball leagues can improve skill development through this combination.

Reps, Reps, and More Reps

The most important aspect of skill development in youth athletes is repetition. A young athlete’s basketball ability comes from muscle memory. Professional basketball players shoot thousands of shots from each location on the court to develop muscle memory over the course of a career. To develop skills, your young athlete needs reps. Youth basketball leagues give your child those reps by providing fair playing time for all athletes and an emphasis on practice. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Some youth basketball leagues stress winning more than the fundamentals of the game.  

Focus on Fundamentals Instead of Wins

One of the biggest mistakes made by youth basketball leagues is focusing too much on winning rather than on player development. Competitiveness is a crucial characteristic for athletes. However, that’s not the most important thing at a young age. Youngsters should learn to love the sport by playing it rather than winning trophies at an early age. 

For example, coaches of 1st and 2nd graders might have a kid who is very big and strong for his or her age. The temptation is to give them the ball and allow them to overpower their peers because of their size. This is a good short-term strategy to win games. Over the long term, it will stunt that player’s growth when his or her peers inevitably catch up in size and strength. Giving the ball to one player also prevents others from developing skills and enjoying the game. For youth basketball league coaches, it’s important to focus on fundamentals instead of wins. 

Reasonable Competition

An athlete won’t develop into a competitor if he or she doesn’t love the sport. Forcing competition on children instead of allowing them to develop a fondness for the sport might turn them away at a young age. Youth basketball leagues help foster skill development with reasonable competition, not overbearing competition. Competition for youth athletes is meant to help them apply the skills they’re learning in real-time. 

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