Choosing the right child care can be difficult, so we are here to help. Choose the Y for your school-age childcare needs.

School Age Kids - Child care


How to Choose the Right School Age Child Care Provider 


Parents have so many options when it comes to choosing school-age child care. While schools may offer programs before or after classes, they are not available in all areas and may not offer the best services possible for your child's development and entertainment. Why not turn to the one place you trust for everything from art classes to sports teams to summer camp? At the Countryside YMCA, your kids can enjoy school-age child care that will truly make a difference in their lives.


As the largest childcare provider in Warren County, the Countryside YMCA is trusted and respected when it comes to the quality of service provided to families in the area. Before you make this type of important decision, however, take some time to understand how you should make the choice for your child's care provision.


Safety First for School-Age Child Care


You need to find a source of child care that you can truly trust, and the YMCA has proven its reliability and safety many times over the years. There is no reason to doubt the quality care your children will receive at our facilities that serve various school districts in Warren County,  Ohio.


Educational Opportunities After School


Both after school care and hours before school starts are available for children in Lebanon, Clinton Massie, and Kings Local school districts. These include more than just making sure your children are taken care of in the hours when you are at work or otherwise unavailable. The Step Up to Quality, star-rated programs for school-aged children provide unique curriculum opportunities. This includes a variety of holistic learning opportunities in compliance with Ohio's educational standards.


Our goals are aligned with yours. The Countryside YMCA facilities focus on social, mental, emotional, and physical development combined with plenty of fun and creative exploration in a safe environment. We promote responsibility and self-confidence in every activity we do.


Fun and Friends Matter Every Day


After attending school all day long, your children need time to unwind and have fun with their peers. While the school-age child care opportunities offer learning and development, they also provide an opportunity for fun. After all, learning how to interact and socialize with other children around their age is an essential skill to learn and continue to develop throughout the younger years.


Sign up for childcare at the YMCA and let your sons and daughters enjoy, educate, and experience all the amazing things that can happen together. Financial aid is available for qualifying families.