Choosing Countryside YMCA Summer Camps or Other Options

There are a lot of summer camp programs out there, but how do you find the right one? Countryside YMCA summer camps are among the best educational options.

Young children at summer camp 

If you are a parent preschool, school-aged kids or young teens, you know how difficult summers can be for finding activities to keep them occupied and safe. Parents are always looking for programs and activities for their children during the summer, and there are a variety of different educational summer camp programs that are available at Countryside YMCA. In today’s blog post, we will look at those programs and help you choose between YMCA summer camps and other offerings.

What Type of Program Are You Looking For?

At Countryside YMCA, there are a wide variety of summer camp programs, ranging from sports camps to age-specific camps. Registration for these camps is now open. The first thing that parents must identify is what type of program they are looking for their child to participate in.

If you are looking for an educational camp, we offer preschool camps, including arts and aquatics camps. We also offer discover camps, which are action-packed adventure camps where campers will spend time outdoors and go on field trips. There are also sports-specific camps that include football, basketball, and even dodgeball. For young teens there leadership training camps, and high adventure camps to engage youth in outdoor activity and improve their self-esteem.

Day Camp Or Overnight?

Another decision that you will have to make is whether or not you will want a day camp or an overnight camp. Most of our camps are week-long day camps where students will spend the day at the camp, go home for the night, and come back the next day. However, there are also church camp and youth camps that are often week-long overnight camps that allow students to travel. At Countryside YMCA, our offerings include a variety of day camps.

What Are Your Financial Options?

For parents, the financial aspect of summer camp programs is also important to consider. Summer camp programs can be more expensive, so you’ll need to find a program that fits into your budget. These camps can run from $100 to $250, and certain programs offer half-day options for participants. Members of Countryside YMCA also get a discounted rate.

YMCA Summer Camps at Countryside YMCA

If you are looking for a summer camp program for your child, Countryside YMCA wants to help. We offer sports, adventure, and educational camp programs. For more information, get in touch with us at (513) 932-1424 or register online today.