YMCA memberships provide a variety of benefits, including fitness center options. Today, we compare YMCA fitness to other fitness centers.

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Physical activity represents a crucial piece of the puzzle if you want to maintain a healthy routine. Your body needs the right amount of exercise, along with a proper diet and enough rest, to maintain optimal health. However, exercising isn’t always easy to do with a busy schedule. Even if you can find the time to exercise, locating a good gym or fitness center that’s both affordable and open during non-working hours may be difficult. 

Consider a YMCA membership for an easy solution. A YMCA membership gives you access to our convenient and affordable fitness facilities, in addition to many other benefits. Investing in a commercial gym membership presents an alternative option. So, what is the difference between the two? In today’s blog post, Countryside YMCA explains the differences between a YMCA membership and a gym membership.

What Do Fitness Centers Offer?

The benefits of a fitness center are pretty straightforward. You gain access to all the equipment at the facility. However, not all gyms are created equal. For instance, not all gyms have the same equipment or the same quality of equipment. Some of the basic equipment includes weight machines, dumbbells, and squat racks. You should also find cardio machines and equipment for core exercises. However, some gyms include extra features, like physical therapy options, snack bars, fitness classes, or personal trainers. These features may come with an additional fee. 

What Does a YMCA Membership Offer?

A YMCA membership includes most, if not all, of the same benefits as a fitness center, with many extra benefits as well. YMCA fitness centers include essential equipment and possibly a snack bar along with personal trainers. A YMCA membership goes well beyond these basics. For instance, YMCA membership typically includes access to a jogging track, indoor basketball courts, and swimming pool. All three of these options are great for staying in shape, and you get to have fun. YMCA facilities also provide a wide range of fitness classes, from Pilates and yoga to step classes and dance workouts.

Which One Is Better?

Both choices offer their own unique benefits. Both will typically have the same cardio and weight machines you need for a great workout. But at the Y, you also receive the added features of running tracks, gymnasiums, swimming pools, and classes. However, the biggest difference between a YMCA membership and gym membership is the price. The average membership fee for local gyms is roughly $60 per month. You might also have to pay an initiation fee and annual fee, both of which make them less cost-effective.

The price for a YMCA membership is very similar to a gym, costing just $62.76 per month for one adult at Countryside YMCA. However, our price also includes access to all the features and amenities at our facilities. Instead of paying $60 and lots of fees for access to a gym, why not pay $60 for more with YMCA? YMCA gives you access to the gym, as well as basketball courts, swimming pools, jogging tracks, child care, and classes. You also receive a member discount on many activities, such as basketball leagues and tournaments. You get more for your money at Countryside YMCA.

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