Back-to-school season is on again. Are you ready for it? It is time to get your kids on track because summer vacations are ending. Here at YMCA, we adopt a holistic child-centric approach to ensure that the back-to-school transition goes seamlessly.

ymca back to school



There are several camp programs that can help your children develop essential skills, all while preparing them to go back to school. Our programs are segmented into categories.

These include:

  • Adventure: Paintball, Climbing, Exhibition Courses, Archery and much more!
  • Specialized: Junior Academy (Police), Counselor Trainings and more
  • Education: Robotics, Pottery, Cooking and more!
  • Sports: Soccer, Bowling, Volleyball


Setting a Routine

When signing up for one of our camps, you’d have the option to select between “Full day”, “Afternoon” and “Half-Day” camps. Each camp type has their own timings and will help you set a routine for your child accordingly. This will help your children avoid the laziness they might feel when returning to school.


Learning New Skills

Our camps help children develop core skills, all while having fun! Our structured activities help keep children involved and our camp counselors provide the best facilities to ensure your children get the care and attention they truly deserve!


Socialize and Make Friends

Our fun activities provide an excellent opportunity for children to make friends. We try to have a lot of team activities to enhance communication skills, teamwork and leadership. Our experiences are geared towards providing your child every opportunity to grow and get ready for school.


Programs for Children of All Ages

We’ve streamlined activities for children of all ages to have fun and learn new things in the process. Each child deserves a program that matches their own needs and we aim to assist them with anything they need! Our educational camps are very popular, where we focus on helping children incorporate the skills they need. Our camp details are always available on our website!


Explore the Outdoors

Nowadays, too many children are disconnected from activities outdoors. We aim to help them reconnect with nature through our nature walks and outdoor fun activities such as soccer and more. This helps them get back into physical shape, preparing them to get back to school ready. Our outdoor activities provide children with much-needed solace from their mundane day-to-day schedules and our counselors are available on hand 24/7 to oversee everything.


Get Back To School Ready With YMCA

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll your child in one of our summer camps today! Spots are limited, but we do our best to accommodate as many children as possible. Our commitment towards excellence is unparalleled and we ensure that the children are fully ready to get back to school sharper and better than ever before!