A healthy lifestyle is crucial to your overall well-being. A YMCA membership can help promote that. Countryside YMCA explains in today’s blog.

Seniors at a community center

Healthy living can be difficult to come by these days. Busy schedules, pricey fitness center memberships, and the American diet all make it harder to stay in shape. Finding solutions to these impediments to your health isn’t easy. YMCA membership is a great alternative to your other choices, and it comes with a variety of benefits to help create a healthy lifestyle. In today’s blog post, we discuss Countryside YMCA membership and some of the specific benefits that help you and your family live healthier.

Discounts on Fitness Classes

Countryside YMCA membership comes with exclusive class discounts, giving members lower pricing on our classes and programs. Not knowing where to start often prevents people from getting the proper amounts of exercise and making necessary lifestyle changes. Fitness classes not only get you started, but they can also help you exercise and promote wellness more efficiently. Countryside YMCA offers our members discounted prices on a bevy of fitness classes to motivate your push for fitness and wellness.

Access to YMCA Facilities

Arguably, the lack of facilities is the most significant factor that prevents people from pursuing their own wellness and health initiatives. If you don’t have a home gym or live in an apartment complex with the right equipment, you may find it inconvenient to get the right amount of exercise. Countryside YMCA membership comes with full access to all of our facilities. These facilities include eight pools, five gymnasiums, two indoor tracks, a rock climbing wall, a 13,000-square-foot cardio and weight room, and scenic walking trails. 

Child Care Options

Parents may find it hard to exercise because they have young children. Parents with busy schedules often can’t find time to get to the gym or fitness class because they have kids to take care of and nobody to watch them. At Countryside YMCA, we offer free childcare for up to two hours for all members while you use our facilities. We maintain an experienced, trained childcare staff who can watch children from 6 weeks to nine years old.

Look Into a Countryside YMCA Membership Today

If you and your family want to promote and improve your health and wellness, Countryside YMCA membership can help you achieve your health goals. We have facilities and staff to help make your family more active while also having fun. For more information about membership and our facilities, call (513) 932-1424 or learn more about Countryside YMCA today.