CPR can save your child or someone else's life. Countryside YMCA offers CPR training, so you can be prepared.

Health and safety classes


As a parent, you know all too well that accidents happen. Children fall, scrape their knees, and, sometimes, wind up with severe injuries. Emergency medical care can save lives and prevent injuries from progressing, but there are steps you can take in between to help jumpstart the care and healing process.

At Countryside YMCA, we offer first aid and CPR training that gives parents the knowledge and tools they need to respond in an emergency situation. For parents, there are numerous benefits to having CPR and first aid training.


Knowing CPR and First Aid Can Save Lives

Having knowledge of first aid and CPR can save lives. If your child or loved one isn’t breathing, knowing how to do CPR can mean the difference between life and death.

Emergencies can strike at any time, and it may take several minutes before help arrives.

Every second count when a child stops breathing. Each breath missed is another second the brain is deprived of oxygen. If oxygen isn’t restored quickly enough, the child could suffer permanent brain damage or even death. With proper training, you can begin administering CPR right away.

A variety of situations may require CPR, including suffocation, smoke inhalation, near-drownings, accidents, and poisonings.

With proper CPR certification, you can begin administering CPR right away if needed.


Knowledge of Wound Management Can Jumpstart Care

Proper first aid training will also provide valuable knowledge in wound management. Children are naturally active, curious, and fearless, which can lead to injuries and accidents. In fact, every year, 9.2 million children go to emergency rooms for non-fatal injuries.

While emergency care is important, parents with first aid training can take steps to start caring for the wound right away.

Having knowledge of wound management through first aid training means that you can jumpstart care. Training will help you understand how to safely bandage and medicate wounds using proper hygiene measures.

With proper training, you can feel confident in your ability to act quickly in an emergency.


Trained Parents Can Better Spot Hazards

Parents that undergo CPR and first aid training can better spot hazards and risks while outdoors or in their homes. Having this knowledge can go a long way in preventing accidents or injuries in the future. Parents can make modifications to their home and backyard to make them safer for children.

Overall, having training in CPR and first aid makes you more aware of hazards and their risks.

When parents take a CPR class, they are taking a big step in keeping their families safe. If an emergency should arise, having knowledge of CPR and first aid allows you to act quickly and may even save a life.


Health and Safety Classes at Countryside YMCA

Countryside YMCA offers several health and safety classes, including CPR certification for adults and children. Completing the course earns you a two-year certification and provides you with valuable knowledge on how to perform CPR, AED and first aid.

Get CPR certified at Countryside YMCA and make sure you're prepared for the unexpected.