Need to give your child something to do before school starts this fall? Enroll them in YMCA Gymnastics.



Give Your Child Something Fun To Do By Enrolling Them In YMCA Gymnastics


What could be more fun than learning an amazing new skill, exercising your body, hanging out with a new group of friends, and doing amazing YMCA gymnastics moves you never imagined possible before? If you think any of these things would appeal to your child, enrolling them in one of the most popular YMCA activities at Countryside is a smart choice anytime of the year.


What Makes YMCA Gymnastics So Much Fun?


These physical and social YMCA activities suit every age from preschool to high school. Many children start with the recreational gymnastics program that offers skill-building, strength training, and tons of fun. For the youngest kids around three years old, toddler gymnastics or parent-and-me classes offer physical and mental development opportunities. The latter offers an excellent way to engage with your small child on a regular basis and get physical, mental, and emotional health benefits at the same time.


Older kids get even more benefits that all come down to the enjoyment of the experience. You can choose tumbling classes with no gym equipment involved other than safety mats. These are tons of fun and teach essential skills for cheerleaders, dancers, and gymnasts of all types. It is even a great way for athletes to learn new skills in an entertaining atmosphere. YMCA activities also include recreational programs that teach floor, beam, vault, and bar skills.


If your child is interested in competitive YMCA gymnastics, theJunior Olympics program is a great way to start. It offers two levels of preparation for the skills and abilities necessary to attend and win competitions. This is suitable for dedicated boys and girls who are ready to persevere and do what it takes to improve.


The Health Benefits of Gymnastics Lessons


Every child needs regular physical activity to stay as healthy as possible. The CDC recommends at least an hour of focused physical fitness every day for children six years and up and active play for younger children, too. While Countryside YMCA offers wide variety of games, sports, and more that can promote a lot of exercise, gymnastics is one of the best.


Students in these programs learn safe ways to move, stretch, and bend their bodies to improve overall strength, posture, poise, balance, and flexibility. Not only do these things teach important skills, but they also benefit health holistically. The goal is a high energy environment with careful instruction, minimal risk for injury or strain, and tons of fun.


If your son or daughter has trouble finding something fun to do this summer or fall, consider YMCA gymnastics as a perfect solution for their boredom and lethargy. Combine pure entertainment and great group activity with health benefits and more.


Enroll in YMCA Gymnastics at Countryside YMCA! Your son or daughter will be thrilled to show off their new moves that they learned in a safe and comfortable environment from skilled teachers.