Get your child excited and prepared when it comes to school by enrolling them in the YMCA Preschool Program!

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Get Your Child Ready For School At YMCA Preschool


Although YMCA childcare offers infants and children of all ages an opportunity to have fun and learn in a secure setting,YMCA preschool prepares them for moving on to kindergarten and grade school to come. Countryside's firm dedication to serving our members of all ages, families, and the surrounding communities leads us to develop comprehensive programs combine all the important parts of early childhood education.


Opportunities at YMCA Preschool


ThePreschool Enrichment program associated with Countryside YMCA is available near the Lebanon location. If you have children between the ages of three and five, you can enroll them in an exceptional program specifically designed to boost educational, social, and emotional abilities. The creative curriculum approach has been developed by experts, is managed by early childhood education teachers, and practiced by the many caring and qualified staff on-site.


Preschool at the YMCA takes place on a morning or afternoon schedule. There are no full-day options at this time. The goal is to help each individual child make progress while having fun and learning how to get along with others at their age and developmental level. Of course, they also learn to get along with teachers and other adults who care for them.


Since serving the community and helping as many children as possible is one of the primary goals of the center, it also offers outreach preschool programs to those who cannot afford the regular classes. These activities occur during the school year on a morning-only schedule. They include all the opportunities and benefits of the regular preschool including free educational field trips and many fun projects.


The Importance of Attending Preschool


Many of the factors that create an excellent childcare facility carryover to preschools as well. The presence of caring and responsible adults improves security and the benefits of the overall experience. Organized, stimulating experiences promote learning in a fun atmosphere. The important social aspect of working and playing together with peers is also an integral part of the process.Children who attend preschool have stronger academic and social skills when they enter kindergarten and first grade than those who do not. Why not give your children the head start they need to succeed?


The YMCA also promotes teaching strong personal values like honesty, responsibility, fairness, and more. These types of Christian values touch on everything done at Countryside and other YMCAs across the state and around the country. Do not forget to check out other classes and activities perfect for parents and young children outside of the preschool program.


We believe that every family should have the opportunity to start their children off right in a high-quality childcare and preschool setting. Financial aid is available for members of the community who want to enroll their sons and daughters at any one of ourCountryside locations. These include Lebanon, Clinton, Landen, and Maineville, OH.


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