Family Fun and Activities - Motion Zone | Countryside YMCA

Countryside YMCA’s Motion Zone is the perfect place for families to have fun or celebrate a special event. We explain the Motion Zone in today’s blog.

Children Exercising with Coach

Countryside YMCA has plenty to offer in the way of family activities for children ages seven and up. One of our more popular areas is the Motion Zone, our active youth center that encourages exercise and physical movement through what we call exergames. Discover everything that Motion Zone has to offer in today’s blog.

Kick Towers

Have you ever watched a martial arts demonstration where a black belt performs several swift punches and kicks in rapid succession against a padded pole? Your child can practice the same thing in our Motion Zone. Three kick towers offer padded targets for kicking or punching. 


Our Cardiowall challenges youngsters to balance stretch, squat, reach, and move fast during a workout. Two electronic panels light up and offer targets for punching and slapping. Built-in games light up certain areas of the panels, encouraging kids to reach their goals faster. The Cardiowall improves cognitive skills, reaction times, and physical fitness. This computerized wall in Motion Zone rewards kids for achieving or exceeding their goals.


Youngsters get an excellent upper-body workout by moving medicine balls from tower to tower with Heavyball. The medicine balls come in different shapes and sizes, while towers vary in height to increase the challenge of completing every tower. Kids work as a team to see how fast they can move balls from one tower to the next, or they can go solo to exercise their legs and arms in the Motion Zone.


Our Eyeplay projector turns an ordinary floor into many types of interactive video games that incorporate motion-sensing technology. Several kids can play at once as they jump around, play piano, match colored squares, or walk around a virtual game board. Eyeplay is one of our most popular stations within Motion Zone thanks to several different types of games available.


The T-Wall lights up and challenges kids to tap up to 64 spots on a wall in rapid succession. Think of T-Wall as an extreme form of the electronic game Simon Says. Children use a ball or their hands to touch lit-up panels in a given sequence. Kids can challenge themselves to beat your previous time or try to reach the highest possible point on the wall after dipping down to the lowest one. If T-Wall doesn’t get your kids moving, nothing will. This, like all activities in Motion Zone, is for children ages seven and up.

Take the Motion Zone Family Challenge at Countryside YMCA

Motion Zone is the perfect place for kids and families to get a fun workout. Take the Family Challenge, with an opportunity to win a $25 gift card! Each month features a different game in the Motion Zone. The highest-scoring family each month wins the gift card and earns an entry in the year-end grand prize drawing. Come by Countryside YMCA in Lebanon or give us a call at (513) 932-1424 for more information.