ymca summer bucketlist


The summer is an experience that we go through. You will, without a doubt, be searching for enjoyable summer activities and things to do now that the sunny, warm days with a light breeze have returned (thank God), as this is the season for them.


There are a number of other enjoyable activities that you may include on your summer bucket list in addition to sunbathing, strolling around in one of those adorable summer dresses, and having the sand flow through your toes (if you are fortunate enough to be at the beach).


YMCA is offering a bucket list program this summer. There is a summer bucket list challenge it is 3 weeks long and free for members and non-members. You can participate in this challenge to promote healthy activities in your child’s life.


Here are some other fun activities you can do to have a great summer:


Explore the World of Food

Have you ever had fresh oysters, snails, or frog legs? If so, tell me about your experience. Maybe you haven't tried anything as straightforward as sushi before. Think of everything you haven't tried yet, and then go out and experiment with something new (for some exciting new ideas, check out an Asian market!). You never know, you might find some tasty goodies that you have never heard of if you haven't been experimental with the food that you eat. You have nothing to lose by trying new things!


Have a Picnic Fill up a classic wicker basket with all of your favourite items to eat during a picnic, and take advantage of the beautiful weather while you do so. You might get assistance from the picnic packing checklist provided by the real straightforward magazine.


YMCA is offering the prize of $2000 in cash to the winner. You can also invite your family and friend by sharing a hashtag “#YSummerBucketList”.


Take A Trip In Your Car.

Pick a location at random from the card, get in your car, and drive around. There aren't many things you can do in this world that are as thrilling and entertaining as hitting the open road by yourself or with some of your closest friends.


You should make a list of everything you would like to do along the route, and then you should let the other cards fall where they may. You should go ahead and enjoy yourselves.


Grow a Herb Garden

The activity of gardening can be a lot of fun, and cultivating your own herbs is an excellent way to encourage a healthy way of life and teach your children to do the same. They will have a great time turning over the dirt, sowing seeds, tending to the seedlings, and watering the plants as they grow. It is not necessary to have a large amount of room, and the vessel can be anything from an old tire to a mason jar to a wooden crate.


Fly Over The Sky On A Hot Air Balloon.

Explore the world from a fresh vantage point by ascending to new heights and gaining a bird's-eye perspective. Even better, bask in the warm sun to the beautiful view below while you're in the air. If you are too terrified to fly in a hot air balloon, you can always attend a festival and observe from the ground instead. The view is definitely a sight to behold.


Play the Role of A Tourist In Your Own Town

Are you able to state with absolute certainty that you know your city inside and out? Would you be up to the task if someone were to hire you to produce a guide to the city in which you live? Spend some time away from your typical hangouts and explore the world around you. There are other things to do in life besides going to the bowling alley and shopping mall all the time.

Try acting like a visitor to your own city and seeing new parts of it; you might be surprised by how great the historic district can be. Free walking excursions are available in most cities. You might find streets, shops, and landmarks that you were completely unaware ever existed before. You could also make the trip on a Segway, which would make it more entertaining in some ways.


Our Activities Are Bound To Ensure You Have A Great Summer!!

Get yourself hooked on the summer bucket list challenge at YMCA by registering on the website or by sending text SUMMER to YMCA’s no. i.e., 844-899-6222. You can also add new creative ideas to this bucket list by sending your view about a new idea.