Educational Benefits of Summer Learning | Countryside YMCA

While your kids are on summer break, their brains are often given a three-month break. However, summer learning at Countryside YMCA offers many benefits.

Group of kids at summer school

When your kids are on summer break, it can be a daunting task to have your kids at home for three straight months while you work. You are not only concerned with finding the proper childcare options, but also with keeping your children active and engaged while they’re out of school. We have a variety of summer learning opportunities at Countryside YMCA for your children that will keep them engaged and interested in learning during their summer break. Take a look at some of the major benefits of Countryside YMCA programs in today’s blog post.

Engagement and Interest

One of the most common problems faced by parents with school-age children is disengagement and lack of interest in learning. During the summer, it is common to see school-age children disengage their minds until school starts. This is often unintentional, but it’s typically the result of your kids lacking a summer program that continues to challenge their minds. At Countryside YMCA, we have a variety of summer opportunities that will help keep your child’s mind engaged throughout the summer. We promote academic growth and advancement through fun and learning.

Unique Activities

Children often disengage after school ends, but sometimes they become less interested in their studies even when they’re still in school. Summer learning opportunities may prevent this disconnect by allowing your student to engage in fun summer activities that still promote learning. Countryside YMCA offers unique programs like crafts, cooking, youth discovery, and safety classes that aren’t always available in public school summer programs.

Contact Countryside YMCA for Summer Learning Programs

At Countryside YMCA, we understand how difficult it can be as a parent to find engaging summer learning opportunities for your children. We want to help your family find the right programs for your kids. For more information on our educational offerings and summer camp options, get in touch with us at the best location for your family or learn more online.