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Many students on summer break make their way to the pool for fun. In today’s post, Countryside YMCA looks at the best time to go to the pool.

Children swimming at the pool

Going to the local pool has long been a summer tradition. As such, community pools are jam-packed throughout the summer months. Large crowds make it more challenging to plan your trip to the pool. Some people look for different things when selecting their swimming hours, whether you base your day on temperature or traffic. In today’s blog post, Countryside YMCA explains the best hours to visit your local pool during the summer. 

Early Birds - 9 a.m.

Getting to the pool right when it opens is the best option for some families. If you want to avoid traffic or are just planning on staying for the entire day, showing up early ensures you get your pick of tables and chairs. Early morning also has the smallest crowds. However, some pools (especially outdoor ones) may not open this early. At Countryside YMCA, early bird swimmers should make their way to an indoor pool if they want to swim first thing in the morning. For outdoor swimmers, showing up early will mean dealing with less harsh temperatures. 

Outdoor Pool Peak Hours - 1 p.m.

Naturally, many people look to avoid outdoor pools at peak operating hours because it can be difficult to get pool chairs. You might even face long lines at concession stands and water slides. However, swimming during peak hours at Countryside YMCA means that you are getting the best sun exposure while also being the easiest time to arrange for large groups. Swimming after lunch also means that you can eat before you head to the pool instead of having to eat at the pool. 

Night Swimmers - 7:30 p.m.

For people who don’t enjoy the heat or the crowds, night swimming might be a viable option. Children especially love night swimming when there are lights in the pool. Night swimming takes away many of the obstacles of day swimming, including the possibility of sunburns and the need to avoid big crowds. It is also a great way to end a long summer day if you spend it doing other activities. And for parents that work, swimming at night keeps you from missing out on the fun while you’re at the office. 

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Swimming during the summer is a timeless tradition. Countryside YMCA would love to be a part of your family traditions. For more information on the Countryside YMCA pools, give us a call at (513) 932-1424 or learn more online.