Summer is quickly approaching, and in just a few short weeks, it will be time to enjoy yourself at your local Y. We’re happy to announce that we have a lot of fun and exciting summer activities for members of all ages to enjoy. Here are a few of the great summer activities that we have in store.

YMCA summer activities


2022 Summer Activities to Enjoy at the Y

Summer Camps

Summer camps are some of the most exciting activities for kids. Parents can send their kids to our camps either:

  • Half day
  • Full day

While your child is at camp, we teach them skills that they can develop and hone. There are numerous activities, such as:

  • Aquatics, from learning how to swim to zeroing in on skills that make kids even better swimmers.
  • Dodgeball, a fun activity that allows kids to relax and play.
  • Sports of all sorts, which introduces kids to numerous sports that they may participate in.
  • Archery, a specialty option for anyone wanting to learn archery.
  • Martial arts, such as Judo or Tae Kwon Do.

However, that is just the start of the summer camps that we offer. We also have options for cheerleading, arts and crafts, cooking, paintball and so much more. Kids and their parents should sit down and look through our camp grid to sign up for summer activities that they’ll truly enjoy.

Swim Lessons

The Y has a 150-year history of helping people learn to swim. This summer, kids can come to swim lessons Monday through Friday to master the skill of swimming. Additionally, we have a water discovery program to help toddlers and infants get accustomed to the water.

Creative Arts

Creativity is honed, and we offer great activities that allow children to begin honing their creative skills, such as:

  • Cooking classes where children are supervised and learn to cook
  • Arts and crafts classes, which empower children
  • Dance, including pre-ballet and even classical ballet for teens
  • Clogging, which is another form of dance
  • Gardening options are available to help teach kids all about gardening and where their food comes from
  • Musical classes, such as private guitar and piano lessons
  • Pottery, with options for everyone from 6 – 18+ available
  • Much more


We also encourage learning this summer, with options for everything from learning German or Spanish to obtaining a Safe Sitter designation. Safe Sitter is a program for teens that help them learn how to babysit properly and shows them advanced skills, such as what to do if a child is choking.

We also have lifeguard certifications, perfect for anyone 16 and older who wants to become a lifeguard.

The program guide is available here, and as you’ll see, we have dozens of other activities for people of all ages. From small children to teens and adults, we have something for every age.

And as a member of the Y and the community, you’ll be able to enjoy fun activities all year long. Even some of our summer activities are also available all year round.

Click here to look through our program guide.