Choosing the right child care or preschool is an important part of your child’s development. Countryside YMCA explains the details in today’s blog post.

Child Care or Preschool

Choosing the right preschool or child care for your kids is more than just finding affordable babysitting while you work. You want your youngster to grow and develop alongside his or her peers and learn how to interact with the world. Selecting the right situation can set your child on the path to a lifelong love of learning and wonderment. Countryside YMCA discusses how to choose a preschool, day care, or child care that’s right for your family.

Begin Early

Start your search for good child care early, because there are plenty of options and this is an important decision to make. Many day care facilities have waiting lists. You could be on a waiting list for years. The sooner you narrow your options, the better. That way, you can start planning and get your child’s name on the list.

Check Credentials

Not only do you need to check the credentials and licensing of the facility, but also the staff. Everyone at the child care center should have certification in CPR while also knowing how to handle large groups of kids. Examine the qualifications and training of the staff. Make sure there are enough day care workers present to take care of the workload. State and local regulations determine the maximum ratio of staff to children. Seek out word-of-mouth referrals from other parents and check online reviews.

Determine Hours and Fees

Ask about the hours and fees for the child care facility. If you plan to pick up your child at 5:30 p.m., figure out if there are any extra fees in case you are late. Some facilities charge by the minute if you aren’t there on time. You absolutely must know if your child has supervision during the entirety of your work shift.

Talk About Age-Appropriate Activities

Age-appropriate activities at child care are vital to your youngster’s physical and social development. Find out if there is a curriculum and what activities occur throughout the day. A day care center should use games and learning activities to keep your child’s mind engaged. Make sure the day care offers snacks and meals to keep your child nourished. Scheduled nap times help your child rest.

Stop by Unannounced

The best way to see a child care center in action is to stop by unannounced after you narrow your list of choices to five or fewer facilities. See what’s going on for yourself and take notes. Do all of the kids seem happy? Does the staff get on the floor to interact with the children? Are there safety measures in place, such as baby locks, gates, and window guards? Take a checklist with you and see for yourself if the day care is worth your investment.

Child Care at Countryside YMCA

Our programs and services meet the needs of families with children from the age of six weeks to sixth grade. Our goal is to build children of character by embracing a curriculum of caring, honesty, responsibility, respect, and faith. Discover Countryside YMCA’s child care options today, or come by our location in Lebanon to see what our day care facility is all about.