At Countryside YMCA We are proud to offer activities for children of all ages that actively encourage play, skill-building, and creativity all summer long.




7 Activities Your Kid Can Enjoy at YMCA Summer Camps


The wonder of YMCA summer camp is its flexibility and a massive amount of opportunity for your kids to enjoy a wide variety of activities all season long. At Countryside YMCA, you can choose from affordable programs for preschoolers through teens. Although there are so many different activities to enjoy, here are seven that truly demonstrate the breadth of opportunity right here in your neighborhood.


Traditional Nature Exploration


Many people think about summer camp, they imagine arts and crafts, nature walks, singing songs around the campfire, and going on a canoe trip at the local lake. Now, children of all ages who are members of Countryside YMCA can experience all of these things and more during the summer months. The Voyager Camp program combines traditional activities with new ideas every day.


Learn to Swim


Aquatics camp at the countryside facility helps the youngest members learn how to swim safely and more experienced ones improve their technique and stamina. The goal of these YMCA summer camps at the pool is to promote safety and have a lot of fun. They include training, exercise, and plenty of enjoyable water games.


Cheer for the Team


Cheerleading is so much more than shaking pom-poms and shouting rhymes. Boys and girls from 1st to 8th grade can learn energetic and appropriate cheers and dance moves to show their spirit and have a lot of active fun. This can help them get on the crew at their school when the summer is over, or just fill the warmer months with a great time.


Enjoy a New Sport


Whether your kid is already an active baseball, basketball, or swimming enthusiast, or if they have never tried these sports before, they can get an active education at the YMCA. Either pick a specialty camp dedicated to learning skills for just one or sign up for the Sports of All Sorts multiple activity options.


Build With Lego


Kids of all ages love Lego bricks, and Countryside offers the opportunity to construct amazing things with this popular toy. The arts and education camp offers, however, go far beyond this. Consider a variety of science, technology, and creative pursuits when you choose the next summer camp to sign up for.


Experience High Adventure


Paintball, rock climbing, writing go-carts, and more. What could be more exciting than going on in extreme adventure with the YMCA? These activities for older kids and teens expose them to a variety of activities they may not be able to experience anywhere else.


Become a Leader


Does your teen want to become a YMCA summer camp leader? They can attend a special interest camp just for that purpose. Other opportunities to gain these important life skills can be found in a Junior Police Academy camp and the Leaders in Training camp. The lessons learned here can help young men and women succeed in the future.


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